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Mams said it perfectly a page or so back.


How did this turn into the "Me and my sandy vagina are mad mature brah" thread.

It's not a room for candle lit dinners with ladies. It's not a room for helping your kids with homework. It's not a room for being fucking adult. It's clearly a room for getting fucking drunk and partying. How did everybody miss the point.

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I guess you lack all reading comprehension if from my story, you got that I thought any of it was "cool".

It was a horrible shitty experience, which led me to severe depression and end up suicidal.

Being hopeless is not cool.

That is why I stopped doing all that shit.

Nothing about that era of my life was anything that I would ever want to do again.


And if I knew someone who was 30 and had posters from magazines thumb tacked to their walls and their house was cluttered with shit, I would not think it was awesome at all.

I would think it was pathetic.

But if you're 22 and all you do is get wasted and lure chicks to your house, this would be an alright place to have.




I'll go ahead and chalk it up to a combination of your lack of reading comprehension coupled with your bipolar outlook that everything needs to be either one extreme or the other to explain the fact that you clearly can't see that this guys living room is seriously middle of the road compared to living in squat houses.


For all I know this guy could be a waste of sperm in real life, but not everybody is a complete wastoid from middle school till 25, then turns around and becomes an Army wife.

There is middle ground.

And some people can and do still have a good time in their adult years.

That's what happens when you don't burn out at a young age, you get to still enjoy life at a later age.

Usually minus all the scabies and AA/NA classes too.

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That was from when I just moved in, there are more decorations, curtains and (as stated above) kids toys everywhere.


Too high? Eye level when you are sitting down?!

You obviously don't know shit Capt. Criticize, standard mounting height for televisions is 60"-65" from floor to center of the TV, but what would I know, my wife is only an ASID Interior Designer.


Here is my loft, cry about this one too. (Also fresh move-in, pre-decorated)


Tell your wife that having the TV at eye level is not only common sense, but that it will lead to more comfortable viewing pleasure due to a lack of stiff neck.

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i turn 26 next week


i fuck girls in the 18-22 bracket on a bunk bed that has a futon as the bottom bunk


my room is tiny and there's clothes, midi controllers, cables, random stuff, etc. all over the place


fuck growing up i have zero interest in being some boring old faggot fucking some 30 year old bitch in some neat spot

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how any of you can live comfortably on 25 dollars an hour or less is beyond me


I take drugs to cope.

Being poor is so so horrible.

I could think of nothing worse.

Poor me, poor me.







Side note:

I'm glad this thread turned around after the first couple pages of wild dick riding.

Also, whoever said they wanted to trip mushrooms in this house, has the exact opposite idea of myself as to what makes a comfortable tripping enviroment.

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