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---->wE4R TH3 SHaRCK$ R0mE<----


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This is TheMaker speaking,Stat you fucking toy,Let me tell why i changed my mother fucking screen name because you little bitches couldnt handle the truth so I got bannded.I found out you were one of the fucks that reported on me (snitched) so imagine folks could this toy be trusted,nope.Now I just want to say fuck Aot,I`ll tell that shit to your fucken mug,don`t mother fucken test me Stat or else I have to go to the South Side and drag you to the real world.You stay in the SOUTH SIDE so long you got roots growing on your feet.Come and explore the cities in East Bay.Don`t stay cooped up in the SSSJ like that bitch made Moda.I heard Draz has a rap sheet,he snitched on some fool so I wouldn`t trust that bitch and that shit is on the real. - TheDemons aka TheMaker 4:12

if you know where im at come see me pussy. and why the fuck would i tell the moderators about you . nigga you live in a fantasy world. you know who i am come see me.

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dang putyouonblast is taking this shit hella close to heart.


if i knew how to do that thing where you post a picture of that black dude and he's like "you mad" i totally would.


but really tho.




THATS cool.

this isnt the original

originally fag on top is ass naked and is facing the other way

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