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You've never even seen my face, but ok. Don't worry, I'm leaving. Thanks again to anyone who voted, I really appreciate it. Have a nice night, happy bombing/piecing/whateverthehellyoudo

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Police comin by with the tape and cameras

Lost too many men to the tape and cameras

You would think how many die it would set an example

But nobody even cares, just another example

Pourin liquor on my legs cause his partner is dead

Used to play with the white, now its "lick em" instead

One dude named Dwight had a car he drove on me

Every time he roll up, see his friends roll on him

I can tell they didnt like that he was drivin a Benz

Fake friends always hate when you drivin to win

Dwight picked em up, wanted to give em a ride

Let em in the backseat, just so they could feel inside

He aint tryna stunt on 'em, work hard for his ride

Plus he wanted to show the leather and the heat on inside

They aint understand the grind, they just seein his ride

So they shot him in the neck, just for bein inside

They was friends for ten years, but they greedy inside

Dwight fell out the car, he was bleedin and died

They tried to switch the plates and the color of the Benz

So they could stunt in front of hos showin money that they spent

They drove to the east for an even exchange

Thats when the cops pulled up, wasnt even exchange

Pulled him out the stolen car with a murderous weapon

Said you finna go to jail with a murderer's blessin

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