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I just sharted.


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when i was 17 i was fed ecstasy and sharted on the way to chill at this hot tub with some chicks at their apartment.


we were walking up to the pool area from her place when it happened.... i told them to "go ahead, i'll be right there" and i snuck off behind this giant hedge of bushes.


i finished dropping a splatter house deuce all over the ground, right next to some guys patio, and used my newly shat on boxers as TP - which I left for him or the maintenance man to find in the morning.


the hot tub was nice that night.

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Swamp I don't think jellyfish bite man.......



I once was drinking from around 9am til 8pm in the city and felt the stomach gurgle. I RAN for like half a k to get to a train station with a toilet and once I made it to the dunny I pulled down my pants halfway there and shat as I ran into the cubicle. I then stayed in there for like a half hour waiting for anyone who witnessed the event to go away so I could sneak out of there.


Afterwards my mate told me I should have used a toilet at any of the restaurants that were nearby.

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_ _ _ _, I was at home.


Earl, I believe it was more so this "taco butt" you speak of.


Still heinous though.



Taco Butt is still bad, it just isn't as messy to clean up. Taco Butt is usually followed by pinching your pants and pulling them away from the underwear, to avoid spread of stain. That is all followed by the bull legged waddle/run to the toilet.


Taco Butt sucks.



And yes, I coined this term one day when I sharted. I was at my apartment and thought it was a fart. My roommate saw me go through the process and he asked "did you just shit yourself?" When I got back from the bathroom I said "a little. I gave myself Taco Butt." My reasoning behind this is that it filled up the crack like meat in a taco.

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