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need to pass a drug test


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cmon now... dude works at a fucking GAS STATION


unless hes putting himself through college while studying chemistry or whatnot...


hahah yeeaa.. i dunno he said something bout the acidity in the juice or some shit..

didnt really pay much attention but it did catch my ear though..

hey dirty d test this myth out for us and drink some pickle juice nigga...

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Actually I heard that in middle school too, same thing as drinking malt vinegar. The brine actually does help to flush kidneys and bladdar, but it only works on the cheapest tests and you still have to drink a shitload of water




Clorox works waaaaaaaay better so you don't fail

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THC is stored in ur fat cells so water doesnt do shit it might temporarily dilute ur piss enough to pass but if its court ordered they might call you back for inconclusive results. BUT to avoid that after drinkin a shit ton of water. eat a good amount of red meat and eat some b-12 capsules. b12 makes ur piss yellow so it wont look like water and the red meat gives ur piss some enzymes or amino acids or some shittt, I cant remember, that will make the results not look like water.

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the only logical solution would be to completely dehydrate your

self, find some clean piss and using a syringe inject it thru your

abdomen and into your bladder.


poppy seed tea also works. Go the the health food store and buy

the seeds in bulk. use about a half lb of seeds and a 3 liter

arizona ice tea container with a handle. Fill with steamy hot

water and shake for like 10 minutes. Strain thru a teeshirt.


also you could try any number of amphetamines or even cocaine

to speed up your metabolism. Dont worry. They are out of your

system in a few hours

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