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The Hip Hop Reader by Tim Strode/Tim Wood

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We are on 12oz, and MOST of the people on here write. Before reading the book, i was sold that graffiti is not hip hop as Rime would say.



Now when thinking of what makes hip hop; it's really one key item, sampling!

People sample beats, lyrics and even lifestyles. Now as Eaz One from The Future of Graffiti says it simple, "everyone bites," someone sampled someone else work to create their own. Everyone seen graffiti somewhere and wanted to do it. Everyone started by not knowing a damn thing about and learning trough trial and error. Same goes for hip hop music, a lot of stuff was sampled and tried. Hip hop as graffiti is a way of life, sampling. It can be taken into any aspect of life. "Seen a guy get caught for stealing because he was open about it, ill remix that move and not get caught." That is hip hop, all you new kids sampling MSK letters because that shits in, thats hip hop. Before hip hop there were no laws on copyrights. Afrika Bambaataa is the most sampled artist till this day. Im ready for all the sarcastic post that will come with this new thread.


If you get a chance read the book, it's not bad.

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so does that mean that practically everything ever created is also 'hip hop'? ;)


i dunno, some academic motherfucker posited the theory that the human brain is our equivalent of a peacock's tail, in other words on some level we just create art, music, literature etc in order to get laid. sounds like that 'evolutionary psychology' shit to me, i don't really go in for theories and whatnot, or thinking like a critic, but it's fun to think about once in a while.


and for what it's worth i thought that James Brown was the most sampled artist of all time...

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