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Boardwalk Empire


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I have mixed feelings about this season but overall I thought it was amazing.


The fight/verbal scenes between Nucky and Eli are simply my favorite part of the show.


When Eli beat Knox to death, I just don't know how anyone couldn't be cheering him on. It will be interesting to see him in action in Chicago with the Capone outfit.


Will Nucky run away to Cuba with his big jugged Southern girl?


I fucking hate Dr. Narcisse, hopefully he gets his head blown off around the time Eddie did this season, in the next.


There was too much nigger shit in this one IMO, I love Chalky, Daughter Maitlin is a babe and all, but it felt like 1/3 of this season had to do with a bunch of jiggaboo nonsense instead of real business with Chalky and the ''coloreds''.


It's a long shot, but when Willie said he wants the family to be back where it belongs...I sure as fuck hope that is foreshadowing to Nucky & Eli taking Atlantic city back over in some power play.


To everyone bitching about Harrow's death, I love the character but it was his time to go. He abandonded his war by the third episode, his last mission shows how rusty he had become and how ineffective he would be in future danger. Not to mention he killed Chalky's daughter, had he lived it would of only been a matter of time until that boiled over and caused a huge drama....Harrow would of just become a family type stiff and our love and admiration would stay with the scenes only because we would be nostalgic for the old Harrow.


Great ending, and alot of questions for the next season to answer.

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Just rewatched sober and shittttt. I think Willie meant he and Nucky can take over because Eli is gonna be on the run, I'm sure. I would have rather seen Chalky die over Harrow but you do have a point Cunt. Narcisse is definitely dying next season, Chalky too, most likely. He screwed Nucky into that deal and he's not having that, especially from a 'nigger.'


Van Alden is going from one of the most hated characters to one of the most bad ass ones. Finally, Capone is taking over!!!! Old ass Torio was all about keeping peace, I've been dying for the diaboloical maniac that is Al Capone to appear. He needs moar camera time.



Anyway, fuck this, I'm going to watch the original Saint Valentine's Day Massacre movie...

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