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Boardwalk Empire


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i can't believe they killed off jimmy

magaret keeps fucking up nucky's money, damn

i hope they give back story on nucky more in the next season

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I didn't think they were going to kill off Jimmy, but looking back, it had come to light just exactly how tormented his character was, and it makes more sense. Dude needed to and more or less wanted to die. Plus, Nucky kinda proved that he's a gangster. I'd be worried if I were Margaret next season.

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Wow. Margret is fucking hilarious! Giving the land to the fucking church ahahahaha!

Nucky is gonna kill that bitch. I feel the same way as theme said. Nucky is now a

full blown killer. I laughed my ass off when eli's partner got life. Sucks to be

him. Fuck noes whats going to happen to Harrow now. Hopefully he goes lone

ranger and kills everyone. One by one.


tl-dr - Next season will be good.

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a little late on this but.....


when nuk caps jimmy it flashes to him looking at horowitz directon, the. over to eli.....then it goes to some other figure who seems to be up above. it looks like he is masked but it is not the normal mask worn by harrow.....i watched it 3 times and i couldnt decide who it was.


pretty great way to end the season, this show is awesome...between this and game of thrones I may have to cop Hbo. Torrents are a pain.

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I stream everything from watchseries.eu(props again to BBS). I can't remember the last time I torrented a show.


I'm not sure I remember a masked character at the end but I'm pretty sure Harrow stayed behind with Jimmy's mum and the kid. I think he knew Jimmy was gonna die after he saw Jimmy left his dog tags with the kid, so maybe he did follow him...I'd like season 3 to start with Harrow shooting them all.

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oh ok, i was thinking it was some weird shit. fucking excellent end to the season....


one thing that kinda sucks is it seems like they are going to play more into all the sex/affairs more next season. dont get me wrong im all for a good smashing, but i dont like soap opera type shit....


nuk and margret beefing, the irish guy and margaret, the irish guy and the maid, alden and his nanny/baby, etc.

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i read some sort of recap with some sort of producer/writer (cant remember) but the next season starts 16 months into the future... van aldan is in the town of cicero and the connection there is that it eventually becomes al capones home base outside of chicago... but holy shit i have no clue what nuck/margaret are goin to do.. he should just kill her.. but its his wife now. so who the fucks knows...

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