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gay hipster fight


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they should all be very ashamed



making a big stupid scene and reinforcing every negative stereotype about gay people
















i remember this time in HS my gay homie tricked me into thinking he didn't know shit about fighting and was like "teach me how to throw a punch"


and i was like..."well lemme see how you hit now?"


and he threw this sloppy super soft bullshit


so i explained the fucking mechanics of rocking someone proper or what have you


then he says "OH LIKE THIS?" and blasted my arm so hard i almost fell over. shit mega bruised for a week

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This has nothing to do with the queers parncing around in this video, but on the subject of homo thugs...


My ex-girl had this gay friend who was br0lic workout crazy.

Some guy fucked with him at the gym and started in on the name calling.

That guy received a broken jaw and some broken ribs and a charge for assault, all the while laying on the floor in the middle of the gym in nothing but a towel unable to move or talk.

Gay men are still grown men with chips on their shoulder about being looked at as outcasts.

Think about if you wanna be known as the dude who got beat down by a gay guy next time you think none of them can fight.

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