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nyc aint that expensive, just dont be an idiot with money. half the fun of nyc is just wandering around catching tags, and being there. get a cheap hostel, cook your food. unless youre gonna be hanging at some posh places it isnt really that bad.


montreal, get poutine. and find the byob stip oints.

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bring me canadian bagels. LOL no joke.




times square and east village are always a good idea. just stay away from the crust punks around the village, though. they'll give you shitty drugs and scabies.


and dont stay at the st. mark's hotel, that place is a fucking gutter.


fuck it, if it's a vacation, do it big. stay at a nice hotel at new york, get room service, strippers, good food, good drugs, and just wander around tourist sites. if you're into that type of shit, that is.


if you're going to paint, catch tags and fills at rooftops around the city and hit westchester highways, its less risky if you dont want your little vacation to get ruined.







and bring me one of them degrassi whores.

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I wrote this for my cousin's wife who was going to Montreal:


in montreal, i can offer you a bunch of my favorite restaurants, but keep in mind that they were favorites on my college budget:


Eduardos- on the corner of st. denis and duluth, has fantastic italian food, and is a bring your own bottle of wine spot (there is an SAQ liquor store on that corner as well).


Paryse- my favorite 'gourmet' burger place ever, one block west of St. Denis on Rue Ontario. Don't discount it because it is a burger place haha.


Romado's- A portuguese chicken place. its a 'hole in the wall' type place, not a lot of good places to sit, but fantaastic. It's on Rue Rachel, a couple blocks east of St. Laurent. If you walk a couple blocks west after the food, there's a park that has a lot of cool places to sit and eat on the side of Mont Royal.


Brutopia- below st Catherines on Rue Crescent, is a fantastic micro-brewery.


Bily Kun, on St Denis and Mont Royal is another cool bar, ostrich taxidermy all over the place haha. it's in the plateau, a pretty cool part of town, but verrry french.


St Talon- located in the italian section of montreal (its a train stop), is a fantastic farmer's market with free samples galore. you'd get enough free samples for a breakfast. The market itself is a couple blocks away from the train stop though, so you'd have to ask for directions after you get out of the train stop.


An easy way to walk to the top of the mountain is to enter at the steps at Rue Peel and Rue de Pins. There are steps that go directly to the top, so you dont spend hours circling the mountain. Fantastic views.


Go check out these fools on Sundays on the side of Mont Royal, off of Rue de Parc above Ave de Pins












Montreal is my favorite city I've ever been to, lived there for four years. Enjoy

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i've only been to montreal once, and i live in nyc, so i think you can see where this is goin:


take one of those tourist bus' around town

go to scrap yard/5ptz is where its attt

go see ripleys or the wax museum on 42nd street

get pizza at lombardis, or two boots


lol but seriously i'd recommend lombardis or two boots for heady pizza, and jut go out and walk around. that's really the best . walking across the bridges in the lower east side (manhattan, brooklyn and williamsburg) is nice for sure also. have fun, update this thread!

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