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Question on "STAYED" charges...

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so 10 years ago cops rushed my place w/o warrant, took sketches and knew what i wrote... I didnt admit to anything and charges eventually were stayed by the crown...


now i want to start writing the same name again


im wondering if police would be able to prosecute me easily based on what they already know about me(who I am/what I write/photocopies of sketches) t




would they have to get an entirely new investigation going considering that the 'stayed charges' are freed after 1 year?


im not understanding the circumstances behind charges being 'stayed' in this type of case.


thanks "BRO"

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I'm no legal expert, however I know that they conducted an illegal search and seizure. It would have been a good idea to get the searching cops badge numbers and car numbers. It would have also been a good idea to consult a lawyer... expensive but you prolly coulda gotten hella cake from it. Nothing they found can be used against you in court that doesn't mean though that they won't use what they already took to connect the dots. I would say you are probably pretty safe. It might be better to just write something else.


If you have any run ins with them:


While they are small talking (asking for id or whatever) say "Am I free to go?"


They can play this two ways Yes or no.

If they say you are free to go get the fuck out of there.

If they say no that means you are being detained however it doesn't necessarily mean you are under arrest.


Next they will do something like this

"Oh.. this is your bag? I'm just going to look in it real quick, you don't mind right?"


They will word it really funny to confuse you into allowing them to search.


You should say over and over until they stop asking: "I do not consent to a search"


They are allowed to pat you down however this is only to ensure their safety. They can not feel a bag and say oh you have weed you're under arrest. They can however notice a bulge that could be a knife or a gun and detain you for that. So during a pat down it is probably a good idea to tell them about any weapons you are carrying in a non-threatening manor.


If you are under arrest:

No matter how much you think you can talk your way out of it or how much you wanna tell the pig to fuck off, all you should say is "I don't want to answer any of your questions I want to speak with a lawyer" they will be assholes and say oh you want to talk to a lawyer go ahead and call one. This is just a game they play. They can't hold you for longer than 72 hours (i think) without actually charging you. Believe me being held for 72 hours is much better than fines and months or even weeks in jail and eventually they have to let you talk to a lawyer (which the state will provide for you free of charge).


Also anytime you have an interaction with the pigs you should get their badge number. I also watch the car numbers that way I know if one or two cops is actually following me.


This may sound paranoid but whatever better safe than sorry.


or you could just run. Fuck the police.

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