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Florida Church Plans 'Burn a Quran' Day on 9/11


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lmao wow your a fuckin dork! grow some balls or get the fuck out the u.s.a you giant pussy thats what we needs less in America giant pussys like you!!


Grow some balls? Having balls has nothing to do with me not wanting another terrorist attack...you want another terrorist attack? Oh truth, all real Americans want another one so we can nuke call the sand niggers off the face of the Earth and spread glorious democracy.


I like it how you can't even say anything legitimate to argue your point and just start throwing insults around because you don't know shit.

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He's got a point, I mean I've lived a sheltered existence and never had the privileged of being blown up by a bomb yet unfortunately.

So to me that shit is mad cool, like in the movies and TV and shit, like way cooler than living peacefully like a bunch of sissy faggots would like.

How rad would that be, my family dying in a suicide attack or a bomb dropped out of a stealth bomber 20 thousand feet from above.

I'd get so many cool points if I was missing an arm or leg, you guys are all pussies and ruining the dream.

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actually the bible and torah are holy books in islam brah..and as such their burnings would never happen..good job on not knowing that.ive been to a very islamic country, and had cousins who would read the other books for purely curious reasons..

seriously most of the shit you say is juts retarded outa the air hate mongering...


yeah.. sure... like in Turkey where they rigorously stab and kill anyone has a Bible..

:rolleyes: please tell me how the koran forbid to a muslim to kill another one...

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zgeg you're so retarded i'm just gonna have to start ignoring your ass. Turkey is among the most secular of Islamic countries...im not discounting that there may have been an incident...but thats like using isolated incidents in the US or any other country...every body done goofs...where are you from by the way...im gonna go google it and find random incidents and accuse you of outrageous shit...

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zgeg you're so retarded i'm just gonna have to start ignoring your ass. Turkey is among the most secular of Islamic countries...im not discounting that there may have been an incident...but thats like using isolated incidents in the US or any other country...every body done goofs...where are you from by the way...im gonna go google it and find random incidents and accuse you of outrageous shit...


yeah i'm retarded and Turkey is so secular that they have decided to give free hands to their islamic government



Army 'concerned' by Turkey vote

Turkish Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul

Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul faces another round of voting next week

Turkey's army has warned against questioning the country's secular system after a disputed first-round presidential vote in parliament.


In a statement, it said it would not shy away from displaying its position.


Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul - the ruling Islamist-rooted AK party (AK) candidate, marginally failed to gain enough support for his bid.


The secular opposition has said it will challenge the election in court because not enough deputies were present.


Mr Gul secured 357 votes - just 10 short of the 367 - or two thirds of all deputies - needed to win.


The army said it was following the election process "with concern".


A Turkish soldier. File photo

The army sees itself as the guardian of Turkey's secularism


"It should not be forgotten that the Turkish armed forces are a side in this debate and are a staunch defender of secularism," the statement said.


"The Turkish armed forces are against those debates... and will display their position and attitudes when it becomes necessary. No-one should doubt that."


The BBC's Sarah Rainsford in Istanbul says the late-night army statement has caused a real stir in Turkey, as it is being seen as a direct warning to the government.


Many also believe that it is also a message to the judges in the constitutional court to declare the vote invalid and dissolve parliament, our correspondent says.


Turnout dispute


The opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) had boycotted the vote because it was not consulted on Mr Gul's selection as the AK party's (Justice and Development Party) candidate.




President chosen by 550 MPs

Two-thirds majority (367) needed to win in first or second round

Simple majority (276) needed if the contest reaches later rounds

Opposition want vote invalid if under 367 MPs attend

Parliament speaker insists usual quorum of 184 will suffice


Profile: Abdullah Gul


CHP says it will challenge the election in court because only 361 MPs were present at the vote, fewer than the 367 it says is required for a quorum.


The AK party, which holds more than 350 seats in parliament, had said only one-third of MPs were required for the vote to be acceptable.


"It is clear there were not the required 367 members present, so we are making our application to the court [to annul the election]," senior CHP deputy Haluk Koc said.


A second round of voting is due on Wednesday and the constitutional court has said it will try to rule on the appeal before the vote.


If the court backs CHP's appeal, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan will be forced to call a general election.


But if it backs the government, Mr Gul is expected to win in the third round of voting on 9 May, when he needs just 276 votes.


Secular tradition


The modern Turkish state was established on strict secular principles and traditionally, the country's presidents have been secularists.


If Mr Gul is elected he will be the first incumbent to have Islamist roots, and the first president whose wife wears an Islamic headscarf.


Mr Gul was named the AK party candidate on Tuesday by Prime Minister Erdogan.


The decision came after thousands had taken to the streets to urge Mr Erdogan not to stand.


After his nomination, Mr Gul pledged to adhere to the republic's secular principles if he were elected.


Officially, the Turkish president's duties are largely ceremonial and the post is regarded as less powerful than that of the prime minister.


But the presidency, first held by the revered founding father of the modern Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk in the 1920s, holds tremendous symbolic importance for Turks, the BBC's Pam O'Toole reports.


The president has limited constitutional powers, including the ability to veto legislation. That was done on a few occasions by current incumbent Ahmed Necdet Sezer, a staunch secularist, in response to AK-driven bills.



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Something a little more on topic:


Four killed during Koran protest in Indian Kashmir


(Reuters) - Four people were killed in Indian Kashmir on Monday when police fired on Muslim protesters who set fire to a Christian missionary school to denounce reports that copies of the Koran had been damaged in the United States, officials said.


Police said the demonstrations, attended by thousands in western Kashmir, quickly turned into protests against the Indian central government -- a day after authorities slapped a curfew on much of the restive region.


The crowds massed in Budgam and Tangmarg areas chanting slogans denouncing the United States. They set fire to government buildings and a school owned by a Protestant church, witnesses and officials said.


"One person died in Humahama (in Budgam district) over Koran protests and in Tangmarg three people were killed after a huge Koran protest turned into an anti-government demonstration," Kashmir Valley's Inspector General of Police, S.M Sahia, told Reuters.


Several people were wounded, police and hospital officials said.


Kashmir has seen mass rallies against Indian rule in the last three months and at least 70 protesters have been killed by police. Demonstrations on other issues -- such as the Koran -- can often balloon into wider anti-government sentiment.


On Sunday, two people were killed in a third straight day of violent protests in Afghanistan sparked by a U.S. pastor's threat to burn copies of the Koran.


While pastor Terry Jones dropped his plans, there were at least two incidents of abuse of the Koran in Lower Manhattan in New York on Saturday. Two evangelical preachers not affiliated with any mainstream church burned two copies of the Koran in Tennessee.


It was unclear which incidents the Kashmiri demonstrators were denouncing. Iranian TV reports were aired in Kashmir on Sunday about alleged discreations of the Koran - a grave insult to Muslims who believe the Koran to be the literal word of God.

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What exactly is that supposed to mean?

What is "our" way of life?

That of some Christian zealots who are no better than the Muslim zealots?

Cause I know some Muslims who are good people, and I guess the same could be said for some Christians.

And as far as I know, America was founded to be a non-religious country anyways.

Freedom of religion coupled with freedom from religion was written in the constitution.

So as far as I'm concerned both of their religions can fuck themselves.

Actually, all religion can take a hike.


And for future reference, please don't include me or Americans in general in your "us against them" bullshit.

That's between you religious nuts.

Go back to the middle east and battle over who is going to "reign supreme" with that bullshit.


you too shut your bitch ass up mr. i just joined and im 17, America was founded by Christianity you idiot go back to the 7th grade...and im not religious at all im just our way of life as in the american way of life even if your atheist catholic or whatever but fuck religion you are

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I don't understand what Boost and ZGEG want.


You both dislike greatly what you see out of Muslim countries, the intolerance, extremism, etc. yet the attitude that you're promoting is exactly what you're hating. Look how powerful the West is compared to the Middle East, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sudan, etc. Shit if we don't own their economies we bomb fuck out of them.


What more do you want, us to become intolerant book/flag burning assholes too? Why would you want that?

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