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Is America Islamophobic?

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nobody is saying they cant build that lame mosque dude. its the face of WHERE they want to put it.


I dont give a shit where they wanna put it, 9/11 had nothing to do with them.


if you think the muslim faith is to blame for 9/11 then you're a fucking retard simple as that.


So if some extremist with christian views were flying the plane would you be tarring all christians as terrorists and not allowing them to build churches? Hell it isn't even a mosque they want to build it is a community centre.


I got zero respect for anyone who thinks that this building shouldn't be built there, mainly because they are narrow minded fuckwits.


Do you think that all Irish people are terrorists because the irish had the IRA? how about every single person from the Basque region of spain because of ETA?


I cant believe I am actually defennding peoples religions when I am a complete atheist.

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doesn't make a difference where I live. I can talk about America if I want, the thread is about is America Islamaphobic, from an outside perspective it certainly looks that way, so my opinion is just as valid, sometimes looking at it from an impartial view gives you a better perspective.

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I do, and to set the record strait it's not people here in NYC that have a problem with it being built.

It's mainly out of towners that never met a Muslim in their life that live in all white areas out it dickwater nowheresville.

I saw who came to protest against Muslims, boring fat white people with dirty shoes and they smelled like McDonalds and Wal-Mart.


They don't make them like that here and those people could never live here, they only know what's on TV.

They only know what gets ratings period, and get whipped into an anti Islam thing.


Real people from NYC know whats really good, and aren't so easily amused by tabloid media when they see the headlines first hand,

and for what they really are, just shit to sell papers and get fat couch potatoes to tune in..

The fucking community center will do a whole lot of good for that entire neighborhood, not just Muslims.

That Imam that is getting it built is a great presence in NYC and has helped other communities here many times.

There ain't no hate there at all, unless you count the people who don't matter, don't know, and aren't from here.



Don't get it twisted and think NYC is fucking stupid. This is real New York right here:


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thats what surprises me so much, I know how multi-cultral New York is and I know from everything reported that all these idiots protesting aren't New Yorkers as well, so it certainly doesn't change my opinion on New York, just re-enforces my view point of a lot of the rest of America!


It is always the way, the media reports it to all the backwaters and hicksvilles and they get a road trip to come and ruin someone elses city. The coasts of America are generally more liberal and tolerant than the central swathe between them.


thanks for the posi props tho fastzeetec

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as soon as you posted this i read what ahmadinejad just said. yeah man. we dont have ANY reason at all to hate islam. you listen to your liberal american hating tv shows and radio and think you know everything. i never hear an american say 'you know what england should do?!' want to know why? because we dont give two fucks about what you do over there. do the same clown.

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yea because Iran is truely representative of Muslims worldwide, I can seriously see why Iran hates the US and it is nothing to do with religionj, it is to do with power, everything that comes out of Iran is anti-American sentiment because they have been living under sanctions and scrutiny forever.


I don't listen to American hating TV shows, dunno where you got that idea, and I know what I am talking about because I pay attention and get my information from as many sources as possible to make sure I can be as unbiased as I can.


The reason you dont look at other countries and care what they are doing is because you have your head so closed off to the rest of the world, something that the vast majority of Americans suffer from, not all but a lot. Shit half of America probably wouldn't be able to tell you where England is due to how awful the knowledge of the world around them.


I didn't mention anywhere in my posts about 'what America should do' I just made my observations, 2 completely different things. so why don't you learn to read and understand, clown.

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I think the only ''Americans'' who are islamophobic are the same people that brag about being law abiding citizens and believe anything a politician says.


I do think the media has hyped this thing way the fuck out of porportion, and again put profit before common sense, and have sensationalised something that otherwise wouldnt of been a big deal. Again, as they do with any crime or fear in the public they exploit insecurities of the ignorant and create a polarized general public with a smeared view of whats really going on in the world, and what reality is.


If you ask me, those behind the media who had anything to do with this should be brought up on charges of treason. But I guess when the judge, jury, and executioner are the ones running the show, well why would they shut down their own fear factory?


Oh, and they can build the mosque theres not really a problem with that. My problem is now that evidence and incident are proving that mosque, in America are being used to convert muslims into islamic fighters. Thats the sole reason I can feel for someone opposing it being built so close to ground zero. Even though they say its just a community center, well that really dosent mean jack shit. What better place to influence young minds ripe for the brain washing, no other than ''Islam's'' largest attack site.


And anyone who has a problem with the thinking in the last paragraph, do a little research into the origin of a group named The Black Stone Rangers.

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