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0 PLZ 1nterw3bz, plz pWn this broad....

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Not that I wish 4chan upon anyone, well maybe, just in this case.


Some feminist ex-coworker of mine posted this on facebook in support of the bitch.

Really? You feel sorry for her? We need to go back the the 70's and put broads back at the receptionist desks.





Woman Defends Female Entrepreneurs On TechCrunch And Gets Called The "C" Word



After defending women entrepreneurs and their math abilities, Greer was called illogical, idiotic, arrogant, angry, a troll, and the "c" word.

Greer, who has had a successful career as former Senior Manager of Corporate Communications at Rackspace, cried for 20 minutes in the shower over the hurtful words.

She has demanded commenters be reprimanded for defamation.





There's no crying in internets

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A California Doctor Trying To Break Into Her Boyfriend's Crib Dies After Getting Stuck In Chimney For Days




DAMN. that would fuck with my headd finding out like 4 days later that the calls for help i heard were actually some chick stuck in a chimneyy.


or then the dude feeding the pets who's like..."wtf is that smell" and followingg the stench to the chimney to see two dead ass feet in the fucking chimney. that would be a total trip. damnn.



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Is she annoying and elitist? Yeah...so are a lot of people on here. I don't really see what makes this stand out in any way.

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we don't cry in the shower for 20 minutes, then blog about it and demand trolls be punished... all the while setting back women everywhere with a story getting a lot of viral attention.

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