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Girl throws puppies in a river


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^ I bet he's on your leg doing that thing they do, when they're like fluffing a pillow.


Exactly...he's about to get booted though.


And Swamp-- how does it go from rainy, cold, and shitty enough for me to put on a hoody every time I even thought about leaving the house, to this?

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How many people do you hate? How many animals do you hate?




I'm pretty even on this one.


I hate a lot of animals. Fuck animals.


I probably hate people less than animals. I can't remember one time a person tried to eat or bite me. At least, not until the zombies come.

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Shelters? Get your fucking dogs fixed and you wont have to throw unwanted puppies into a river.


Are there really people out there who don't get their animals spayed or neutered, I mean seriously.


dude. i get what your saying but hell, i fucking WISH my

dog wasn't fixed when i got her. i wouldn't of had it done

if i'd had the choice and knew how fucking beautiful she'd

grow up to be. i can't take this bitch anywhere without people

stopping me and saying so. breeders, kennel owners, dog show

judges, you name it. niggas coulda made a good buck. fuuuuu.

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It's supposed to be in the 90's for a few more days, then rain for a day or two, then be sunny and in the 70's for Labor Day weekend. I'm just wating for Labor Day weekend so I can feel happy again ha


im with you, im sick of this heat, need fall weather asap.

i was so happy when it was in the 60's and 70's then i wake up and bam im sweating and my rooms warm as hell, i go outside and im like "WHAT THE FUCK NEW ENGLAND, PICK A FUCKING SEASON ALREADY" then i proceeded to toss some raps around.

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It kinda surprises me how people get so up in arms about this stuff, but when some schmuck working the night shift at a liquor store gets his head blown off on camera it's always "super fucking metal."


I guess an animal's cuteness does wonders in its favor.




I can't speak for anyone else but myself, but I hate humans. We are a virus on this planet. The reason I can hear about a human getting shot and not really care is because we hear about humans dying all the time. We're so desensitized by watching people shot on TV and in movies that it makes it easier, especially when we grasp real murder as a form of entertainment thanks to the internet and "security camera" tv shows on SPIKE.



Watching some stupid little bitch in a tight sweatshirt yell "weeeeeee" while she throws defenseless puppies into a river, just gets my blood boiling because I love dogs better than most humans. I'd love to gut this bitch slowly so she can hear me screaming "weeeeeeeee" when I pull her intestines out.

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That bitch is in Arkansas. My buddy told me about the video and said he has seen her around. She got her teeth kicked in by some dude over this whole thing. She is still in the hospital with a broken jaw, 4 ribs, and a fractured skull. Probably going to lose her sight in her right eye. The dude tried to drown her but some other guys stopped him.

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this fool winston..



was doing the above aforementioned...

on a blanket i was laying on..my friend was like.."ohh how cute..like he misses his mommy..thats what they do when they nurse"


umm..no..this fat mutha fucker's back end started twitching. so i pushed him off..he started licking his crotch. His lil kitty penis was out..and left a lil wet spot on the blanket.


foul pussy.


had to share...


carry on.

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