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i love how the bruins fans think they somehow are better than us :lol:


your not going to win out here in hongcouver, and even if you do it dont mean shit. we have a half siv as a goaltender and the games youv one havnt bean any form of reality other than giving you another breath to breathe. blow outs in sport are almost never an accuracy of agenda. there lopsided because of luck.


we are the best team in the nhl and wednesday night will inform you of that, your poo igloo of blew england is the only district who hasnt wiped the snot out yer eyes to realize this.


and if you wein, hats off to beating the best team in the nhl on a 7 game battle, just dont for one second think your a championship team.


because your not, and we are.

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wow, not even one sentence made sense.


Vancouver fucked up tonight by not finishing the series and winning their cup.

Game 7 is a completely different game and all bets are off.

You can bet the B's are fired up, and the nucks are embarrassed after getting blown out, AGAIN.

Seriously, 3 blow outs in the SCF. 3 one goal games in Van. The blow outs weren't luck you retard, the one goal games won by a bad bounce were luck.

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If we play like we did in period 3 it's a wrap for Boston. Luongo is not good in Boston, not sure why, but he has 2 shutouts in this series so far. Schneider should have gotten the start. As I said before, that is the last game you will win. Enjoy tonight.

ps Yelling bullshit when Raymond was seriously hurt was shitty, as is the USA USA shit and any dig or comment against Canada where the fuckin sport was invented.


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06/01 Bruins 0 - 1 Canucks

06/04 Bruins 2 - 3 Canucks

06/06 Canucks 1 - 8 Bruins

06/08 Canucks 0 - 4 Bruins

06/10 Bruins 0 - 1 Canucks

06/13 Canucks 2 - 5 Bruins

06/15 Bruins vs. Canucks - 08:00pm (ET)



championship teams dont loose 4-0, 8-1 or 5-2... they also usually can put in more than 1 goal, canucks are good skilled players but obviously like to choke.



"If we play like we did in period 3 it's a wrap for Boston" - powerbill

yeah and if we play like we did in 1st period when it mattered and got 4 fucking goals in 4 minutes. its a wrap for vanc.


luongo is a girl who needs to keep his mouth shut until thursday morning.


but lets all keep fighting until one team wins and then we can all say how correct we were!

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Complete bullshit that Raymond is sent to the hospital with a broken vertebrae from a late hit and the NHL isn't going to review it.


The reffing for this series must be giving Bettman a hard-on, he hates the west.


Canucks hit the post three times, and fanned on 3 wide open nets-it was just an unlucky night.

Schneider was looking good, he made some impressive saves. I hope they start him wednesday because Boston has Luongo figured out.

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