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It was a dump in bro. Are you sure Rome didn't hit him a little late?

If you want to see someone admiring a pass see Staal hitting Stajan, in NY, clean and not late.


I mean, lets face it. We all know Rome wasn't out there because he's an elite shutdown defenceman.




And lets take a look at how classy the vancouver organization is, apart from sending out Rome to play Boston's top line.

Burrows gets away with biting Bergeron, an offense that has been suspended in the past, and comes in and has a 3 pt night in game 2. Then he goes out and makes a pretty ridiculous slash on Thomas, as he's covering the puck, on his glove hand. Can't believe he didn't get suspended for that.

Then you've got Dick and Doug the swedish sisters diving left right and center to try and draw a penalty, which was useless because the powerplay was a giant 0% all night. Don't even get me started on Kesler, who ignores everybody his own size who wants to fight but then bear hugs Seidenberg and keeps punching him while he's on the ground.

And if that's not enough, the GM has to whine to the media, not the NHL, about getting some fair play. Fuck off Gillis, you're a faggot.

You stay classy, vancouver!







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Seriously the series is rough and not just Canucks, Boston is equally as dirty. I've seen blatant slashes behind the refs, cheap shots, goalies cross checking, dirty hits, butt end stick jabs, late hits, etc... Hockey is rough and both teams are pushing the boundaries.

IMO Chara has laid out a few questionable hits that should have gotten a suspension but because he's a superstar and hockey is about making money they'll never suspend a star.

Some fourth liner lays out a hit (that was seriously 1/3 of a second late) and is made an example of from the NHL, we'll find out tonight if the series turns into a figure skating game or if they are still going to be throwing the body around. I hope the injury and game suspension doesn't turn them into pansies.


Also, two guys get into a tussle and one guy puts his fingers in the other guys mouth, then the guy bites down to let him know to get his fingers out of his mouth. He didn't attack him with his mouth and pull a Mike Tyson on the situation, it was common sense self defense. The bite was dismissed by the NHL, you guys sound like chicks bringing up old shit.


You can defend your Bruins all you want but they are just as cheap and will do anything to win the cup (just like the Canucks), that's just hockey.

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The Rome hit was over a second after Horton played the puck, NHL late hit criteria is anything over 1/2 a second. Granted Horton should have his head up, but Rome needs to be responsible enough not to go head hunting.

Another classy late hitting head targeting player you have is Torres, who has a history of this type of shit. Just look at the hit he threw at Jordon Eberle in the second last game of the season, which meant nothing for either team, but he targets the head of a 20 year old rookie.

Or there's kevin bieksa, another stalwart sportsman who will only fight players 1/2 his size and will ALWAYS back down from somebody his own size.


Once again, you stay classy vancouver!

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What about the late hit from Chara from behind on Bieska where he slammed his face into the glass partition? Bieska is half the size of Chara.

Or when Lucic slashed Bieska and broke his stick...

Or when the coach claimed that Boston was classy and wouldn't taunt Burrows with the biting incident and two players blatantly did it on camera-it was awesome when the coach has to apologize at the press conference afterwards for his team's behavior. lol

blah blah blah, we can go back and forth all day about the questionable hits/calls.


It's the playoffs, shit is getting rough on both sides of the ice.

Deal with it and stop whining.

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dude didnt stick his finger IN his mouth, he was rubbing it in his face, dudes do it all the time.. pushing faces, rubbing gloves in faces, grabbing chins, whatever. burrows grabbed his finger and bit down.


^^ hit on horton, watch the slow mo at the end.. dude doesnt even cut over to hit him until he watches him pass it, knowing hortons looking the complete other way, then jumps and throws his shoulder into his head with every intention of catching him completely blind and off guard.



in reference to the finger taunting, Lapierre was the first. the opposing team bites one of your dudes fingers, then another dude on the team taunts you with it.. you would do the same thing. as the bruins did..


"While the Bruins appear to have taken Murphy's warning to heart about the excessive extracurricular activity in the series, the Canucks refuse to take any responsibility for the ugliness seen so far. According to Vancouver defenseman Kevin Bieksa, they're just innocent victims being bullied by the big, bad Bruins.


"This group in here, we're fine with that," Bieksa said of the league's crackdown after Wednesday's morning skate before Game 4. "We know to stay away from it. Last game, yeah we were holding our ground, but I don't think you saw any scrums in front of our net. They were always in front of their net, their guys pushing and shoving after the whistle and flexing their muscles and proving how big and bad they are, but during the whistles we're the top-hitting team in the league so we're going to punish them during the whistles and we'll let them do that stuff after. The finger pointing and all that stuff, it's getting a little old really quick. When you're the sixth guy to do it, I don't think it's that funny anymore. We'll see if there's any more of that [in Game 4]."


So by Bieksa's logic, teammate Maxim Lapierre's initial taunt of Patrice Bergeron in Game 2 after Alex Burrows was not suspended for biting Bergeron in Game 1 was just fine. But Mark Recchi and Milan Lucic doing the same to Lapierre and Burrows, respectively, in Game 3 wasn't "funny anymore.""


all of it here..




the Bruins may play a bit dirtier at times, what team doesnt (in any sport).

we're the ones who lost Horton, we're the ones who got a finger bit and then lost game 2 to the biter, we're the ones losing 2-1 ... and whose crying about the dirtiness of the games, hours before game 4?

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You need to put aside the loyalty to your team (that didn't even make the playoffs) and start cheering on the next closest team to your house.

You're beginning to sound like a bitter fan that is just trolling hard.


Canucks have a solid team this year and obviously are a Stanley Cup contender.

You don't have to like them but atleast give them some kudos.


It'll be an interesting game tonight.

If Boston loses it is not going to look good for their cup chances.

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Canucks organization filed an official complaint about Thomas' excessive play outside his crease.



will the whining ever stop vancouver ?


no, its pussy pretty boy hockey. im not fronting on their speed and the Sedin twins but i just dont like their style of play... great team just not a fan.


pitbullstatus got offended like i was calling this nigger "scared" to post, i was more inviting commentary... and that was not a "win" holmes, it was a major statement.

vans were squeak by unanswerable wins, the Bs shit was a capital W... just saying


cant wait to see tonight, still have faith!

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Vancouver is BUTTHURT! they didn't think the bruins would cause them any trouble.


but now look, the series is tied, and the past two games have been BLOW OUTS! WHAT YOU GONNA DO VANCOUVER! you got your tails between your legs.. we got you runnin! luongo is swiss cheese, and your whole team looks tired, and they look like they wanna quit playing.






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