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Bs! FTW! another great game!!! fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!

such an easy goal after all that drama! what a cycle before that shot too...fuck


finally.. the b's get in the offensive zone, and get a cycle going and look what happens!!!


the whole fucking game they failed to stay in the o-zone.. and start cycles.. then the one time they actually get one going bam they get the game winning goal because of it.


and like i already said... TIMMY FUCKING THOMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dude should have a statue infront of T.D bank of one of his amazing game saving, diving saves, he always seems to make to keep the bruins in it..


they need to start giving him some offense... and help on defense.. thomas has kept them in these games and had to make way way way too many game saving goals and amazing saves.. they need to step it up on offense, and buckle down on d.. and not be chasing dudes around everywhere.

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San Jose, for real, you do not have to go down 3 and 4 nothing to start playing hockey.


You can start playing as soon as the ref drops the puck in the first period, its all good, nobody will get mad at you if you do.

That goes for you too Niemmi, you aren't doing your boys any favours by letting in those softies.

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if any of you think vancouver is gonna lose this series, ya done lost yer minds.


everybody needs to sleep, and when you been partyin all year round like yer last names sheen without a hint of alien your gonna crash the fuck out for a couple days.


So these guys are out partying like they just won the cup??? WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT???

I'd be pretty pissed if I was a fan and heard that shit... "Crashing out for a couple days" haha hope they keep partying. They'll have a whole summer to sleep and rest. And get over that flu..

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haha homie under that law best be talkin to Ra n changin up that handle cause the cpelling to the word 'you is not the universal cartoon symbol for magnet :p


speaking of which, im late to the party but i was just enlightened to the magic of earth magnets...


beep beep.


and ill leave it at that im quite sure yer in teh loop like 5 years ago but yo canuck fan or not this game is fuckin good, hawks are certainly at least looking like there playing with more confidence/aggression but vancouver is the silent killerrr so who knows.



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