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Thanks gaborik. You fucking piece of shit. Score 2 goals in 15 games.



The most important one on your own fucking net.


Saturday will be his last in a Rangers uniform. I feel horrible for Henrik. He has played like a beast this whole series and we go 1-12 on powerplays and just give up a 3 goal lead in the third? We were 28-0-0 in the season after three periods leading...!? Just redic.

You cant believe how pissed off I am right now.


In other news, hoping the wings lose tonight. Have seats right behind the coyotes goal for friday night if they play.

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Oh my god dude, it was hyperbole.

Tongue in cheek.



The shark tank is one of the loudest arenas in the NHL. I don't think there was ten minutes last night where the staples center was quiet. It was a joke.


shh, im ranting for no good reason.




oh, and:


canucks 5 crytown 2



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Speaking of awesome red wings, Darren Helm is playing like a savage too.

Whoever it was some posts back who was asking what team in the west stood a chance to take down the big bad canucks?

ummm .... Detroit?!

Maybe Phoenix was playing uninspired but goddamn, the wings depth lines are easily the best in the NHL right now. Jimmy Howard is no slouch either...

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BRUINS WIN!!!!!!! BRUINS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


holy fuck that game was exciting, and a heart breaker at the same time.

i kept getting angry everytime the bruins got scored on... they played like shit 90% of that game.. i wont have that when they come back home.. they need to keep putting pucks on the net, instead of trying fancy passes and so on..

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WINGS! are looking stellar! and they're doing all of this without Hank in the lineup. Bring on the Sharks well only if they can get passed the Kings first..:lol:




co-sign this.. and anyone saying the wings don't look good... you must be blind.


time to see if the hawks make luongo look like this again.


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Luongo for mvp

what a FAGGOT gets lit up and is hurt all of a sudden- sucks for vancouver blows the series- what a waste of a season that was supposed to be the start of a dynasty.


Luongo most likely won't play anymore of this series. Hes probably too "hurt" anyway. Got quiet in here...

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wow fuck yea, bruins


HUGE Bruins win.

PK Subban goal off a bullshit penalty, and I love love love how he took too long of a shift in OT and his crappy line change cost them the game.




Awesome night of watching hockey with my old man drinking brewskis.

Watching the Hawks chase Luo4go, AGAIN, was the icing on the cake.

Stick a fork in em, they're done. Nothing but vacant stares on the nucks bench tonight, they don't even know what to do. Hawks are playing with swagger just OWNING the nucks out there.

:lol: :lol:


Just curious, Pitbull, I know you were at this game: how long until you left?! BAAAHAHAHA

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