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yeah, i haven't wore a single piece of bruins apparel since that night.

kept their epic failure out of my mind for most of the summer, but now that hockey seasons gettin back into the swing it's back on the mind.


and i'll stop being a bruins fan is they drop another series in the playoffs like that while im still alive.

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I would like too but I won't be able to this year

I was good for a while last season but then I tanked pretty hard

I can't make a draft if its in sept/oct I'm working nightshift for pretty much the whole two months.


I got season tickets to my edmonton oilers this year though. pumppppped. my team is definitely going to suck this year but there is also a whole shitload of exciting rookies to watch... fuck I can't wait for the hockey season to start.

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everyone, especially vancouver fans know vancouver will never win a cup.


thats not a diss, they just wont. id love them to, but they wont. chicago wont do fuck all this year. either will crosbys gay team or detroit. hopefully phoenix will finally fold, and bettman will get the sack and basillie will bring a team back up north. i hope this recession makes teams in states that get no snow an unviable investment and hockey goes back to what it used to be.


the flames will do fuck all as they can only hire retarded brothers who live in the past to do anything.


its gonna be a strange season, good looking out on the flames/habs winter classic, but the pens/caps is just plain pandering. fuck i hate bettman.

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the way canucks fans talk shit on the internet about all the other canadian teams you'd think they do nothing BUT win stanley cups.

chicago could repeat for the cup after seeing what bowmans done this off season, a lot of that depends on turco but you could argue that niemi isn't much better than turco either.

flames will have no secondary scoring, again, unless tanguay shows up but at 1.7M he's cheap even for a third line guy... no loss there. I don't see jokinen doing much.

you're out of your mind if you think balsillie is getting an NHL team, just not going to happen, there is about as much chance of that happening as there is of bettman bringing another team up to canada.

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