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Help me name my brewery.


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Black India sounds interesting. What are you using in the grain bill for the 'black'? I've been throwing around a bit of Caraamber but from the raw taste I'm worried about astringency, so I'm getting more of an SPA colour by only using about a 5% Caraamber addition for the double dark IPA.


We digress though.


If the beer is good enough, it won't really matter what you call it.


AS for the Vaj Juice, haha, it would be a hard label to waltz passed in the bottle shop.


Carafa III & Black Patent. You get some roasted tones but the nose and finish is all IPA


what kinda neighborhood are you inserting your brew pub into?


I currently live in Seattle and will be moving next summer to Portland for a year so my wife can become a Montisori school teacher and after that I dont know where we will end up. I am looking for a hole in the wall type place. The nano brew may be something as small as a storage unit as long as it qualifies in the legal sense. I will self distribute (hopefully) and keep it small until the name is out there and then open the brewpub. But at this point I am still keeping an eye out.

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Semper Paratus = Always Ready FYI. Corny? Yes. Easy to pronounce? Yes.



Marxist wouldn't work; it'll start some issues with the old folks who lived through the Cuban Missle Crisis and shit. It's a good sounding name though, that's for sure.


I thought Semper Paratus was good but I just can't go with a latin name. Mayan, Aztec or Incan maybe. If memory serves the Mayan god of fermentation was Acan. Don't know for sure though.

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Bubble Butt


Fu Sang


Black Metal


Dog Whale


Black People








KC Kid


Rape Swag


Christ Puncher






Over 9000




Rap Letters




Cool Story Brew


^ victory!



cerberus is alright, as far as stuff that's cool. i can't imagine going in a bar and asking for a cerberus.

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