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the new cee-lo is going to be great

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that would be skee-lo


you right, i was thinkin the "wanna be a baller, shot caller" guy

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my favorite part was the 000, 000, 0000!

Rare you see a singer embrace binary so adamantly.

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"First of all, I stand a little more than five feet tall

But we can still brawl nigga, I ain't scared at all

I guess you niggas don't know or can't see

That it ain't even wise steppin' to me incorrectly

But yet still when nigga's feel they can deal

I will split yo' ass up for real

Cause we the maniacs with the chunky Goodie sac's

So I don't carry an ax, but I still swing low with the lumber jax trax

Are being made by Organo-i-z-e

Why we coolin' in the shade ain't gettin paid

For chillin, illin' willin' to do what I got to do

To come thru your speaker

Cee-Lo, he will never come weaker

Uniquer than a lot of emcees out today

Because I'm more than careful about what I say

When I pick up a microphone it's on

Them better leave me alone, I'm in my zone

Prone to snap if you offer me a chance

Like it when them chunky hoes can dance

I'll enhance the microphone when it's in my grip, I do not slip

I can't forget my nigga's Jo, T-Mo, and Gipp

Ha, ha, ha, well Great Scott, is he a thief?

It seems like he has a mouth fulla gold teeth

I smile because your eyes can't take the glare

But Cee-Lo, him don't care, I cut off all my hair

And everybody stop and stare when we come in the place

And I can get on the mic wit no time to waste

Get right up in yo' face, kick the flavor you taste

And when I'm on the microphone it's a damn disgrace

How you don't comprehend what I'm saying to you

And I'm the C, the double E from the Goodie Mo Crew

I'm coming thru, I'm comin' true, ooh I can't even stop

It's Cee-Lo B, I'm down wit that nigga pop, pop, pop and my nigga Mike L

And Bert P and my nigga Pretty Ken, you know he down wit me

We from Atlanta, G-A, that is where we stay

I'm diggin all in the Goodie Bag each 'n ever day

Ooooh shit"





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dude needs to get back with goodie mob for a new album dammit..... everything after ceelo was doodoo

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