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Found this Gem while looking for my Brother.....




let me introduce you to James Way - Da black albino





Each picture represents a different arrest, which range from trespassing and public intoxication SAY WHAT




.peep the chia pet hair growth....


Animated Gif hall of fame contender.






Dude bond is $25WTF .... Surprisingly enough he has no other arrest prior to 2010? Something doesn’t sound right anyway on to the next



stay classy broward county stay classy









Now let’s meet Maria Casas, poor unfortunate soul has been visiting Hillbourgh County jail since late 2008, had a great 2009 but returned back to her old ways 4days after 2010.




Charges ranges from DUI to leaving the scene of a crash… somebody help this young lady out.








I looked around and noticed many reoccurring offenders... damn life is hard on the blvd.


ps, I found my brother... no bond, and they also hit him with Hibitual offender. damn it

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here's a free of what they beleive are hotties




SMASH BOTH 08/17 bottom row

SMASH BOTH 08/16 bottom row


oh and SMASH 7/24 Stephine

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I'd say smash only Cari Windiate, yess.

Bitch be looking extremely vulnerable if we would ever be alone. One of those chicks that are shy but sexy at the same time. With her little innocent face...........AND barely legal, scorrrrre.



Im getting carried away..

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All those "hotties" bagged on 8/7/2010 must have all been chilling together..


Scoop you ask "how you know"


well the first thing that caught my eye was Melissa so young so tender...but then Brandy ranchy ass keep fucking with my tunnel vision....


then i notice the back ground of all them bitches on 8-7 is the same...atlas my intuition was right, being that they all got charged with:


Liquor-possess By Person Under 21 Yoa 1st Off



rape, just saying

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I am finding peoples facebook accounts and sending them messages laughing about how I found out that they got arrested cause I saw their mug shot on the internet. Best part is for a few of them it lists their addresses so I can include that and offer to stop by and drink a beer.






I just sent her a message saying "Hey thought your mugshot was sexy. I've always been turned on by a woman who knows how to cry and make her mascara run and want to come over and fuck you while I fist your ass so I can watch you cry and scream at the same time. Well let me know if you are into it I got some pcp we can smoke beforehand"

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