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Wheat Paste

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Bump wheatpastiing! fuck the haters it's still a form of graffiti... get hip to it assholes


so when can I see a whole wheat paste production dont forget the stencil artist for the characters hahahhahha

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shit thread.. IF u make a thread..atleast have 50 good pics to start it..


but i would put it in paperchase' if i made one.... brahhhh

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Ok... I'm gonna start off with this... I'm not the type to down people on 12oz. Look at my previous posts if you doubt that. But, is nothing sacred anymore?


This is a graffiti forum, and I don't know who told you that wheat pasting was a form of graffiti, but they're mistaken. It's bad enough we have all these legal productions and chill spots on here, now you want to introduce this?!?! Please don't.


I do respect some "street artists" or whatever you call them, but I respect them for what they are... street artists. I know many will disagree with me, but graffiti has no place in the art world. That is the beauty of graffiti, is that it is a wild beast, and as soon as you tame it and frame it some asshole comes by and tags on your property and the cycle renews.


Graffiti as high/fine art is wack. That shit's played out, and anybody who tries to turn it into that will be played out quickly too. The only shit that's relevant in the real world of graffiti is people who stay current and keep it on the streets (where it belongs... or clean trains, etc.) If you want to become a fine artist, then, you have much more leverage to choose subjects than just letters and b-boy characters, etc. There will always be people who have been writing since 19XX and tell you that they had to chill off the bombing for one reason or another... but those are choices that people make. If you want to rack and write then don't have kids, get married, go to college and start a career, etc. The minute you do those things and start making excuses why all you do is mural jams once in a while, you're no longer a real writer. Now, with that said, I do give the utmost respect to the originators of this graff shit, and they will always have a place in the history books.


I know a lot of wheat pasting is done on the street, but then again, it is no where near as risky as painting a spot, and nowhere near as despised by law enforcement as graffiti itself is. This, to me, seems watered down.


It's 12oz. prophet, not 1gal. prophet.




Oh yeah... there will always be don't knows who will give you the thumbs up for just about anything that you do, but I personally like to listen to the most critical of my critics, as they're usually the ones who know what they're talking about. And when I retire, I'm not going to start wearing Fubu and repping the graffiti nation or some shit like that. Sorry for the ramble, it's just my opinion. And for the record, I actually kinda like wheat pastes... but I like tacos too, it doesn't mean I'm gonna start a taco thread on Brick Slayers. Maybe I'm wrong, but if nobody writes an intelligent response to this, I'm probably not going to reassess my opinion.



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shit, we might as well have a thread for advertisements.


Uhmm... yeah.


So, I'm drunk and I feel like trolling this thread too!:innocent:


Check this shit...




Those 'For Rent' signs were done from the inside!

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