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slow morning at work today....

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and i noticed how un exciting the oontz has been lately.

dow saved it for a hot minute with the seckzing white wimmens and parapelegic bj's.

eh thats all, i guess what im saying is i miss the oontz i came to love.

the oontz today is a tad bit lack-luster to say the most.

no hate on the mods, i understand ravens need for that come up monies.

im just voicing mah shizzle dawg,

shrug life.


good morning/afternoon/evening my fellow oontzers.


im going back to drawing now.

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I put in a lot of unpaid overtime this week.


I plan to finish up this power point then sit at a bar all day watching golf and getting drunk...

then come back to the office for a quick meeting, then GTFO.


Or perhaps just leave and go home in two hours, call into that meeting in my drawers...


Either way I'm getting drunk.


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^^they arent worth it..


Mine is suckers, I'm an Internet consultant.


I get paid to surf & understand the interwebz -aka- 8 hours of o0ntz & sports forums.

























"H.I., you're young and you got your health, what you want with a job?" -- Evelle Snoats

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Im sitting here at work, ooontzin on the droid, counting down the days until i am laid off.


They were hiring me on as full time from a contractor, criminal record wasnt really felt during background check.....so after 3 years, time to say goodbye to 70k+ annually.


And twinky, shouldnt you be jacking off or sumthin?!?

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word traveling while getting paid is something i dream about. i work 8 hours a day and get paid to sit on a computer too. oontz, games, actual work and side jobs i fit it all in a days pay but i dunnno im envious of certain situations. the cats that collect unemployment and get paid under the table are doing it right and the guys that got travelling gigs are definitly doing it proper.. i've been stuck inside for the past 6 years, the windows are barred in like a prison. fuck yeah im doin it wrong but im also doing everything i can to change that

ralphy that sucks best of luck finding a new one

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i'm bout to change jobs.

more importantly, i'm abut to leave my current boss in the dust.

i'll then have 6 weeks off.

i'm mostly certain i'll have a job to return to in a different laboratory. but who knows what could happen


change is sometimwes good,. in the case of the jobby job it's awesome

in the case of the ontz losing it's cohesion, not so good.

the site has given me a lot, many hours wasted and many laughs

it's also given me a date or two, including my current awesome man.

can't hate no matter what happens to it.

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How I'm supposed to kill 5 1/2 more hours this afternoon?

Its been raining so definitely not going outside unless I have too...

Ralphy that sucks mang. Did you give them a heads up about the record when they approached you about becoming full time ?

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