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One guy arrested one on the run.....

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"Less than 24 hours before U.S. Marshals swooped in Monday and arrested escaped Arizona inmate Tracy Province on the steps of a Wyoming church, the convicted killer was singing spirituals about God's grace with its small-town congregation.


Authorities nabbed Province -- armed with a gun and a hitchhiker's sign -- as he walked out of Meeteetse, Wyo., a tiny town of about 350 people just 60 miles southeast of Yellowstone National Park.


Province had been seen at the Meeteetse Community Church Sunday, where he sang along with music including a song titled "You're Grace is Enough," parishioner Jay Curtis told the Associated Press.


A day later federal officials finally had him in cuffs once again, but a massive manhunt continues for a second escaped inmate and that man's alleged accomplice, an incestuous duo who have blazed a deadly path through the western U.S.


Province separated from fellow inmate John McCluskey and Casslyn Welch, McCluskey's cousin and fiancee -- a woman officials say helped to engineer their July 30 jailbreak."



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guy broke out the pen so he could sex up his cousin. facepalm.

That and shouldnt he be headed south? Ya kno. Mexico? Homeboy

was arrested at a church in Wyoming when he should have been

at a whorehouse in Tijuana

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Knowledge, where the people at?







Warner, Elektra, Atlantic equals WEA

Instead of fighting them why don't you go free Mumia

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Don't you think going to a city like LA Chicago or NY you would have a lot better chance of not getting caught? Who escapes from prison and goes to a town with 350 people??? If he was the one sexing his cuz then i understand. And i think fugitive/incest sex has costanza beat

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