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fucked up pics you took super awesome thread

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So here it is.... I never wanted to make a thread but I see much crazy shit on the daily and this idea has been in the works in my head for a while. I guess this can be the spot to post pics of fucking weirdos doing what they do or crazy shit you happen to catch a flick of....



I took these in front of my apartment tonight.



Walkin by see a metal box on the ground with about 30 needles spread with a bunch of other h gear




I squat to catch a flick as you just saw, a boy walks up and was tryin to cop a pic as well then some dude comes up...




He quickly gathered all his gear and was like.... you guys take anything? I just got robbed.



My response, fuck no I'm just takin pics of your junkie box. He ran off with all of it, end story.

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ho ho ho?


I had a close up flick of a piece of dog shit with this huge cocroach standing on it's back legs behind it, ended up losing it somewhere. /cool story

"fuck you, im a cockroach!"


heres one i found at a spot a few years back...



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kill thread... iv got a couple on my phone from the past few weeks ill upload to pbucket now.


*edit: pics


the liscense plate kills me :)












this ones been a crew classic for a few years now. wanted to get the guy smoking rock in front of the graff so i crept up n shit then all of a sudden wirey as fuck and strung right the fuck out dude on the right crack struts straight over and peels his sweater off revealing his "CRIMINAL 00" shirt and the all appropriate middle finger salute. shit was epic comedy at its best.



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Solid garbage fire.


I used to have an entire photo album on my computer of this shit, but i can't find it.


Here are some of the ones I could recover.




Can't even spell it correctly.



A-team van picking up what I was throwin' out.






Found it near some bums hideout



Oh yeah, and the time some idiot stole this beaut' and rolled into my cove going 70 not knowing it was a cove.

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