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spray can bomb

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Sure it looks sorta cool and all. But I dont see how that one works or works well. I bet you I could build a better one. But anyhow I wouldnt want to waste a can of paint for something that really is just a waste of paint.


Besides. If you wanted to make a big mess with paint. It would be alot simpler to just take any sized bucket of paint with a small hole drilled in the lid big enough for a 1/4 stick. Glue the 1/4 stick the the lid after you slip the wick threw the hole.


Plus you have the extra incentive that is will small glass better. If needed to. Light wick toss and run like hell. Or place down and to the cigaret trick and walk like hell.


Anyhow in the case of this gold can made to look like a nade. I beleive its simply just an artistic venture.

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i like the way you think rusto.


and yeah its probably more for aesthetics sake, but i dunno i just like the idea of pulling the pin and tossing my piece behind me while walking away from a heavily populated public area.

seems like the only thing that can do it without actually hurting anyone.


that's such a bad ass feeling.

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There are a few safe ways to cover random pedestrians or anything in paint without harming them and be far enough away from the explosion as to not get hit yourself. One way would be to use a MRE heating element. They come in MREs all you need for them to heat up is a little water. A empty plastic soda bottle bottle and some water based paint.


How to make it work: Take empty plastic soda ( as big as a 2 ltr ) bottle and add the paint until about half full then pour the still dry and broken up heating element into the bottle quickly (QUICKLY ) cap the bottle and toss place it were you want it. It should explode in 30 seconds to a minute or less. DO NOT OVER FILL the bottle. DO NOT HOLD THE BOTTLE. Do not be close to the bottle. Basically get the fuck away from the bottle. Oh one more thing. Its loud!


Use these links to get the general idea.



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