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The GG Allin Manifesto

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This is the GG Allin manifesto, written by GG himself while

in prison in 1990.


If you believe in the real underground of Rock 'N' Roll,

then now is the time to do something about it. The time is

now to overthrow the current situations and declare war on

the record companies, radio stations, publications, clubs,

and anyone who promotes the whole so called "scene" as it

now stands. We need to destroy it all and take it back from

the corporate phonies and conformist. But action must be

taken now and blood must be spilled. First let me tell you

who I am. I was born Jesus Christ Allin in 1956 in

Lancaster, NH. The Jesus Christ they preach about in the

Bible is a phony imposter - just a crutch for the cripples

to lean on. Fuck that weak shit! I am the man to deal with.

I created myself inside the womb from the fires of Hell.

There are no separations between Jesus Christ, God and the

Devil, because I am all of theme. I am here to take Rock 'N'

Roll back & prove to the world that I am the real king

through the powers I have acquired. When I was born in 1956,

Rock 'N' Roll first started taking off. Why do you think

that was? Because I created it. I created Elvis. I made it

all happen. Even before I was born I was plotting. But

through the years everyone has let it all go. That's why I

am ready to take it all back. Nobody has held on. Nobody has

had the indurence to finish what they were set out to

fucking do. They all let me down or I took their lives for a

purpose. I was the one who was throwing all the monkey

wrenches into the gears. But money and commercialism made

them all sell out. Even Iggy let me down. The Sex Pistols

let me down. Sid let me down when he fell in love (that's

why they are all dead). And now we have the Ramones praising

bands like Guns N' Roses, which runs against everything they

were set out to destroy. But now it's 1991. This is the

decade for the final bloody mutilation. Time to get Rock 'N'

Roll out of the hands of the masses and back to the people

who will not accept comfort or conformity at any cost. Then I will commit suicide on stage

and the blood of Rock 'N' Roll will become the poison of the

Universe forever. Take a look around and see what's

happening. Spineless record companies kissing the

mainstreams ass, being pressured by the money media and

politicians. So called cutting edge radio stations as

fucking lame as the stations they oppose. Censorship

publications kissing the monkey suits asses, who in turn,

are kissing someone else's ass. Even so called "underground"

publications have no fucking desire to get blood on their

hands. They are too busy crying about how we can make the

world a more wonderful place and how politically correct

they can be. Talk is fucking cheap. It's time to fight. It's

time for revenge. We need to overthrow Rock 'N' Roll as it

now stands. We must bring down record companies by not

buying their products. A boycot. If you have to have a

record, steal it. That way they wont get your money. We've

got to stop feeding them. Your support must now go to me -

GG Allin, the commanding leader and terrorist of Rock 'N'

Roll. Why do you think I am in prison right now? Because

they know who I am and they fear my reality. Our society

wants to stop my mission. They want to brain wash you and

keep you locked into MTV, and their stagnating, safe worlds.

It's a plot to kill Rock 'N' Roll. I am the savior. Thats

why I am considered a threat to society. This is what you

should do: Go to your record store and buy all the GG ALLIN

recordings you can find. If they dont have any in stock,

tell them to order some. If they refuse, then do what you

have to do. Call radio stations and demand GG Allin. Spray

paint "GG ALLIN" everywhere. Make them aware that the

disease and the Scumfuc tradition is still spreading. Write

"GG ALLIN" on all your dollar bills. Any bills you have.

People do not throw money away, so it would be a free way to

get the message out. You must do it every day of your life.

We must live for the Rock 'N' Roll underground. It CAN be dark and dangerous again. It CAN be threatning to our society as it was meant to be. IT MUST BE

UNCOMPROMISING. And with me as your leader, it will happen.

I am ready to lead you, my allies, into the real Rock 'N'

Roll underground. Let's get started.


-G.G. Allin(Jesus Christ Allin)



:lol: :lol:

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"Waiting in Exile for Babylon's Fall" serves as an excellent portable resource guide for the impassive modern nihilist. Simply perform each day one, more more, of the various illicit deeds contained within the poorly xeroxed, subversive pages of this most underground (and portable) of asinine, irreverent publications, and then kick back and watch as the death culture corrodes from within. But please, roughneck, don't be a pig, partake in the selfless acts of insurrection, as well as the self-gratifying ones. Soon you will feel like a bonafide champion of liberty. However, if upon completion of the program you find that people in third world nations you've never even heard of are still exploited and oppressed, sit back and enjoy another heisted forty-ouncer. Happy Sedition!!!!!!!!!!!!! -hickey.

Let's Get Started

Fence food stamps off for Kiwi flavored MD 20/20.

Shed your clothes.

Drive erratically.

Have sex with someone of the same gender as you.

Kick out the jams, motherfucker.

Give flowers to a hooker.

Read "Seize The Time" by Bobby Seale.

Try PCP.

Clean postmarks off of stamps and reuse them.

Laugh at God.

Shoplift at grocery chains, especially Safeway.

Quote the Marquis De Sade.

Wrap a not saying, "I Love Chocolate" around a key and insert it up in your anus before the next time you have to go through a metal detector.

Wear sunglasses at night.

Break shit.

Practice self-immolation until you're sure you have it right.

Scare little white children.

Grow marijuana in your neighbor's back yard.

Pee on statues of dead historical figures.

Create vinyl.

Cut a loved one's name into your flesh.

Sneeze at salad bars.

Steal cable TV, but don't watch it.

Pretend you have tourettes and scream as loud as you can "MY PUSSY IS SO YOUNG AND HOT I CAN HARDLY STAND IT NO MORE!!!".

Panhandle aggressively.

If you can't be with the one you love then love the one you're with.


Read "Soul on Ice" by Lianage Cleaver.

Start a band with a logo so damn pointy it's impossible to read.

Visit Cuba.

Use an arm sling to boost goods at Radio Shack.

Dine in the crossfire.

Go ahead, dance with Mr. Brownstone.

Buy beer for any minor that asks you outside the AM/PM.

Deny everything.

Try that crystal meth amphetamine that you've been hearing so much about lately.

Use a stolen calling card number to call your Grandma.

Dress like Leon Trotsky, if you already do, dress like Leon Spinks for all we care.

Try nipple torture with your mom's clothespins.

Bury scrap metal in the hills.

Accuse everyone of being a freemason or a cop.

Fix a sporting event.

Take out a boguse personal ad as a pair of horny 19 year old coeds in search of a "generous, professionally employed man" request a photo, and rake in gift certificates and stomach-turning nude pics of corporate Babylon.

Sand off your fingerprints.

Yell "Power to the People" during orgasms.

Make fun of Rancid.

Stay up for days high on drugs writing useless pamphlets that will, most likely, be read by nobody.

Hop the turnstiles.

Wear silky undergarments.

Drink too damn much at someone else's X-mas party.

Swim within a half-an-hour of eating a big lunch.

Practice scowling defiantly for your mug-shots.

For a change, why not bestiality?

Let there be rock.

Sell choice blotter acid at the nearest middle school.

See "Cool Hand Luke" starring Paul Newman.

Order water at Taco Bell, then abuse their free refills soda bar.

Moon parades and funeral processions.

Shout, Shout, Shout, Shout at the devil.

Ask alot of silly, drawn-out questions, then ignore the answers.

Prank call (510) BAD-SMUT.

Write bad checks.

Quote Ice Cube and Iceberg Slim; but not Vanillia Ice or Burl Ive's beloved holiday favorite, Frosty.

Why not start a cystal meth lab in your town?

Laugh at Metallica.

Stab your boss in the chest with his genuine ivory tusk letter opener and feast upon the glistening entrail, or at least steal some office supplies and send them to Hickey at the address on the back cover.

Write out all the lyrics from the first Crass Lp on your math notebook.

Scratch your privates alot.

Form ulterior allegiances with unwitting credit-card holders.

Laugh at your own farts.

Indiscriminantly label everything as a "Zionist conspiracy to create economic prisons for the masses".

Steal your Dad's porn and see if he asks you about it.

When in doubt, whip it out.

Feed the squirrels.

Lick it up.

FREE Fred Hampton JR.

Harass celebrities at every opportunity to do so.

Sell your car and buy as many bicycles as you can. Keep one and give the rest away to those most deserving.

Deface any, and all images, photos, or likenesses of Jerry Garcia.

Experiment with cross-dressing.

Use bolt-cutters to retrieve precious items from locked dumpsters.

Call an armed forces recruiter, ask him what kind of soap he used to wash the blood of a million butchered childern off his hands, and where can you get some.

Chane your name to something pagan and scary, like 'Molok'.

Let touring punk bands stay at your house.

Read the poems of William Blake and Avoid Helltown with Robert Blake.

Avoid Helltown with Robert Blake.

You will probably be needing a ski mask of some sort.

As the Feederz said, "Destroy what bores you on sight!"

Become a law unto yourself.

Free that Mumia guy.

Walk like an Egyptian, whatever that might mean.

Back up tough talk with cheap guns.

Start your own doomsday cult, or simple join ours.

Your Father's drugs are in the top dresser drawer, go get them and send them to us.

Cut class.

Put tiger balm on your privates, see if that don't make you feel somewhat more powerful.

Make your privates public.

Hang out at the mall looking 'punk'.

Shit in someone's cat box.

Grow a big-ass beard.

Bark at the moon.

Now that Geronimo Ji Jaga Pratt is free, go get yourself a tall glass of lemonade and think of clever ways to score with chicks.

Cum on feel the noize.

Beso mi Coolio.

Refer to Kathleen Hannah as "that bitch."

If you must grow old, grow crotchety as well.

When handed some sort of stupid religeous propaganda on the street, declare "Only sheep need shepherds, and is not the sheeps destiny to be slaughtered?", then laugh maniacally and spit on the ground.

Enjoy coke in a glass pipe.

Use what you got to get what you need.

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another fucking thread about this piece of shit?


nobody gives a fuck!

fuck gg allin....all of his fans and anyone that ever like him!

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:lol: :lol:


I wouldn't go as far as saying I'm a fan.

I just thought it was interesting.


i wasnt saying you in particular.

i was talking about anyone thats his fan.


he was a piece of shit, that died a long time ago.


end of story.


no need to make yet another thread about this faggot....unless its a picture thread about making a trip to his gravesite and pissing on it.

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