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that would be a pretty sweet way of revenge. It would also get the group moving out of the prison and onto bigger and better things.


yeah and complety overrun the prison with walkers, like thousands. rick carl baby Maggie michonne barely make it out running for their lives. would be sweet

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yeah i haven't complained all season.


just a small gripe about the govenor though.


so this mf'er has zombie heads in a tank, lets his ex get eaten by his assistant,

off his whole group and now he is gathering board games and oxygen tanks?

if pussy was his only goal i'd off the old man grab the women by the hair

and pull them into the truck and start an apocalypse harem.

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fuck that, show's great this year,


writing is way better than it's been in seasons past


if youre just watching it to see mindless zombie killing every episode then the shows not for you duuuuuuuude





i'm not. i'm looking for something that isn't being drawn out with boring plot and filler episodes

the show is so far away from the comics


did you know both of hershels daughters were supposed to have their heads cut off by the one of the original prisoners in the jail?













more of this








not some stupid awkward sympathetic bull shit story line

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This season has been the best yet.


Stop comparing tv show and comic, they're 2 different things, dont know how many times I need to say that, lol. Also, every show has they're "boring", or "filler" episode. They set up for big shit like what happened tonight.

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but the book is fucking raw. if the show ran directly off the comic story it would be so rated R Amc wouldn't be able to air it.

And I want know where this Guv guy keeps finding these clean crome pistols. literally showed him giving up his gun 2 eps ago because he found a dead mans revolver.

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That moment when you realize Walking Dead started up again.


The sword through Hershel's head.


Was weird seeing Machone being all womanly in that dream she had. Carl keeps it real but he needs a chin check cause he's being too cocky, gonna end up fucking himself over. And Rick's helplessness is laughable.

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Some zombies are more recently deceased and still have some muscle. Skulls are pretty damn thin and she's got a razor sharp katana. She sharpens it every time she has ten minutes downtime. Explanation enough for me. Every show ever has holes in it aside from breaking bad in my opinion. Just explain it away in your head however you want. This shows still fucking rad.


However. I honestly can't believe it's the most watched basic cable series.

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