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The Walking Dead.


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*this comment contains spoilers, if you still haven't watched the most recent episode, you may want to skip my comment*





Not gunna lie...


that little bit with the begging stranger on the road...


And all they do is just pick up his backpack off the road in the end.


That was some hoe shit, extra car-load of dickholes status.


Good episode besides that part...


Dude explaining how his wife bit his kid... Super epic moment.

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Meh, it just seems kinda "detached from humanity" to me...


I mean, fuck, they turn into buttholes just because some boner mayor guy wants to play shoot 'em up?


Old man Hershel took them in when it was obvious they need help.


With them taking the bag, it's almost like they knew what was going to happen, "leave this turd, by the time we get back he'll be eaten and we'll have a fat bag of goodies to rack from the pile of meat that used to be him."


Hopefully the next week's episode will be better, I'm real hyped to see some Daryl last action hero type-shit.

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Andrea is the worst and has a dumb look on her face all of the time and just no.

I hope she doesn't save the day by killing the guv'na. Or maybe yes but also dies.....


I wasn't a massive fan of the ep before this week's.. 43 mins *just* to re-introduce Morgan and cement Michonne's place in the group? Weak dialogue... Kind of boring. Seeing Morgan again was good, though. His return should be entertaining.

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Rick is seriously losing it, he should have used that chance to just cap the governor and whatever people he brought with him then launched a sneak attack on the town and killed everyone there who wasn't a fine female of breeding age. It would have been awesome if the whole time he was walking around in a daze hallucinating lori and shane having sex in front of him.

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me too. i held off for 2 seasons, took a peek and was hooked.

it just shows you what a bunch of lames can do to a good story.


yes overall im much happier with season3 than previous seasons but here is my main gripe.


grimes descent into madness is looking like a retard going into a coma


michonnes motivation for hating the gov looks like a spiteful butch dyke angry her ex partner decided to turn to dick.


andrea has become a replacement slut bag for lori


attempt at attacking the prison looked like 4 rednecks with a delivery van


there is nothing scary about this gov




at this point i should hate and fear the gov, i should see rick completely cuckoo for cocoa puffs,

i should be excited about the back and forth between the gov vs prison defenders, and i should fucking go ballistic when michonne pokes out gov's eye



all complete plot point failures,


on a positive note lil carl is cool

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comic = awesome

tv series = a promise to be something awesome that just turns into a way to spend the least amount of money on producing a great show

while trying to rake in as much advertising revenue's as possible.

ofcourse hoping people are entertained "enough" to tune back in the following week.


i'm not looking to be 'satisfied' - i have better shit to do than sitting around watching tv

i'm looking to be holy fucking shit floored because 1. thats all i have time for and 2. its a zombie tv show and i expect nothing less.


i have high standards because i expect nothing less of myself if i was making the walking dead tv series.

i have high standards in everything i do, from work, to painting, to taking care of dogs, taking pictures etc


i do think that the next 3 episodes should be good. the last 2 were just made to save up production money for a good finale.

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Its about time an episode actually airs that isnt a slow filler. I understand they were trying to explain some things or show some character build but i just felt it was a delay BS load of episodes.


Good episode with a little thriller. I knew they werent going to kill off the gov but still way to think quick andrea.....I mean she hasnt been thinking for like what a season and a half so she might as well now.


I will say though when she saw the whole torture set up and stated "this is sick" I paused....really?? This, torture, is sick? Wasnt him keeping heads in aquariums sick? oh wait wasnt him keeping his zombie daughter sick? combing her hair isnt that sick? writing names obsessively sick? egotistical and controlling sick? wanting excessive bloodshed sick?


nope....guess its just torture.



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