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The Walking Dead.


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figured two birds with one stone.


plus this button collapse_thead.gifon the right corner of all the posts shrinks the post when you click on it and stays that way even after you leave the thread.


i have doubt the mods will close it due to the nature of what im posting..if they do they sort have to delete the whole thread as well as sort out dao spamming my picture.



also majority rule ...dao can have a hissy fit but at the cost of ruining his own thread that got jacked ,as well as interrupting the flow of the comic.

im pretty fuckin sure yall who want to read it dont feel like looking at my halloween pictures every other page along with walls of red text

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yep good episode!

microhnne gonna be a welcome addition next season.

carl is still a total pussy in the show but that was a good episode to finish on....


although it has occured to me that with the next series being inside a prison there are going to be way less zombie and way more dialogue.....plus we can probably write of 6 or so episode of Lori having a baby.....

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He still mad nobody bothered to ask him his real name...


OK, so back to the demise of the farm...a gun shot brought the horde so they are going to waste most of their ammo clearing out zombies by making more noise that will ultimately attract more zombies? Good idea! Why not just hop in the cars drive off, let the horde pass and then return, or cover everybody in zombie blood and just chill. They have known you could do that since season 1, why not use that knowledge and walk among the walking dead?


Can't wait until they clear the prison...


LOL at Lori and Carl's reaction when they found out Rick killed Shane...they both liked Shane better than Rick.



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I thought the helicopter brought the horde to the farm? Nobody mentioned that yet. I think the copter was going to the prison...I knew there had to be some sort of safe zone once I saw it flying over the zombies. And that ninja bitch with the two arm-less zombies chained to her was gangsta. Needs moar of her.



Why did rick say they were all infected?

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Rick said that bc Dr. Jenner told him everyone is infected and it was confirmed to him when Shane came back. I thought the helicopter led the walkers out of the city and then the gun shot from Carl that killed zombie-Shane brought the horde to the farm. The whole helicopter scene was stupid because no way the walkers could zero in on the sound....same goes for the gunshot.


Really, the US military's tanks would have handled the walker problem within the first few weeks. Don't open the hatch and keep em rolling....easy solution.


We will get a lot more of her...don't worry.

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oh aight thanks for clearing that up for me, I havent watched any episodes this season except for the finale last night. I wonder how they all got infected. Maybe it's airborne...



I didn't get the helicopter scene either because it looked like the walkers were following it and it led them to Rick and Carl which led the zombies to the farm. I think the helicopter just symbolized a safe zone to let the viewers know there is one.

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