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The Walking Dead.


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How does a guy stay that fat when there is nothing to eat? Hope Mrs. Rick is dead, I really can't stand her stupidity and chicken look face anymore. Don't like that they're starting to recycle plot lines now, they weren't good first time through so why would they work now.

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what the fuck is she doing in the car anyway.

this is literally what happened.


rick: oh man this girl is sick, i better go get hershel.

his wife: oh dont go...oh okay go but be careful we dont need to risk people


5 minutes later.


wife: oh hey daryl, this girl is sick can you go get rick and hershel? Derp, nevermind i guess ill go.

*flips car 47 times.


he just left cunt! rick knows the girl is sick. why the fuck would anyone else need to go after him. what good will come of that.

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dave navvaro was going down on one of the creators of walking dead?


what a fag


we need at least the next half of the season with more emotion and drama

they have yet to capture what it really feels like to be stuck in zombie apocalypse with a bunch of irritating fucks

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