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I called you and went to your house we shared pictures and talked about my tattoo that i was gonna get when i get back from my trip.. we were chillen...just another tuesday.. we went to meet up with the homies and we laughed , drank and ate good food ..life is good .. it was 12am you just turned 21.. i decided to go home to catch my plane early in the morning. i land in LA .. I turn on my phone when we land. .. i was floored .. i was in shock.. denial...i could barely hold it together in the airport. for the next 5 days i was gonna do what you would have wanted me to do. get up and have fun .. so thats what i did. and when i come back .. im gonna see you .. one last time. and im gonna remember the fun times we had and how it was when i left you that night .. life was good.

Rest in peace YNOT ... you were my friend and an inspiration. I am gonna miss you kid .


we are gonna hold it down for you . me and the crew and the boys from the west coast give their respects also. you are apart of miami graffiti history a pioneer in the game ..


Rest In Peace



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dude im fucking bummed now.i remember the first time i caught a few of his things.i think it was in fayetteville near one of the micheals or hobby lobbys or something.i was hella happy because i look up to that guy alot and where im from we dont see alot of his stuff.that was maybe a month or two ago.and now to find out the dude died i mean...i know i never knew the dude personally but i feel horrible.it always sucks to lose writers but especially ynot.always loved his handstyles...





damn...shit sucsk.

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that guy wont even make it to prison..at least i hope not guy deserves what ever judgment is about to fall upon him rest in fucking paradise ynot taken too young your stuck in fl graff history permantly. respect to the msg and buk50 familys . lets get some more pics in here ..


check out the vids brah

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