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What's your excuse?




did you just name yourself Mel Gibson.


















































































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for the record, i came on this morning for a half sec to a pm from el presidente responding to an expired few month old pm about shifting from realitycheque to 357 because of his initial ruling with reguards to my CityonSMASH revival sayin hes kool with it so long as the other mods were on par, but seeing as i felt the timing wasnt appropriate to ask i shelved the idea until a few days ago.


a few to be named nameless yellow letters helped out and gave the nod seemingly unkowingly to the dean, hence getting my old message recently and thinking i was asking for a current name change.


iv now decided upon being granted the reversal of my previous Cos charges and regranted my name only to have it mistakenly and unkowingly taken from me again, i have closure and am able to move on.


CityonSMASH is now the bitch that got away that i wooed back to get rid of on my own terms and am now no longer to be rememberd or thought of again.


there is no more Cos, there is only 357











































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oh, and the thread wasnt about a random google image pic.


its about Gimage's new look and how much better it is to use.


thumbs up.

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dont you think it woulda been better to use your "357" name and let the other oontzers figure out who you are eventually instead of makin a thread about it...?

































OH... thats what CoS would have done, but you, sir, are 3-5-7!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!1!!

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