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goin vegetarian, real healthy shit mah dude..


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all u have to do to make wheat gluten:


-get a bunch of whole wheat berries (theyre like 98 cents a lb)

-grind it all up (use a blender or coffee grinder if u have to, but get it as fine as u can)

-mix it with HALF as much water ( 10 cups of wheat = 5 cups of water)

-put all that in a dough machin or just use something to mix it all up so its like dough

-when its all dough-like, then u just cover it with water enough, then mash it with ur hands and the water will turn white, so u pour off the water.

-pour off water, and take a handful of this shit at a time, and start kneading the shit out of it under a SLOW (really thin) trickle/stream of warm water (in the faucet dummy), best to do this over a colander in case u drop any ( a spaghetti strainer)

-keep kneading this shit piece by piece under the water trickle until most of the white is washed away, and what u have in ur hands is like really super-stretchy

-when its reall stretchy (each piece) u put it on a plate to dry, then once all ur pieces are ready, u put them all together again into one big ass stretchy piece of "dough" (gluten)


OK now what u do is make a big thing of flavoring mix, like about 2-3 cups worth or more


-a little bit of soy sauce ( like enough to cover the bottom of the glass measuring cup shit, a

few tablespoons or w/e)

-a bunch of water

-crushed up dried onions / onion powder/ finely chopped onions

-finely chopped garlic / garlic powder

-salt and pepper

-cayenne if u want

-what other flavors float your flavor boat


make sure this is all about like 3-4 or more cups worth of flavoring mixture, it should still be sorta potent even if its that watered down, depends on what u like, then u take a TABLESPOON of this stuff, and mix it into the dough u have (make a cup out of the dough then ppour a spoonful in) then knead the flavor all up in this dough

ok so that gives u flavor into the stuff, NOW u wanna stretch this shit out on the cutting board and pound the shit out of it as much as u can and stretch as thin as you cna, til its like steak-thickness, then ui just cut it up into strips of "steak"

now to cook this shit all you gotta do is get a big ass frying pan, and fill it with some of that flavor mixture u had, and then put as many pieces of this "steak" that u can fit on the frying pan, makin sure that they are covered with this flavor-water.


poke a few holes in each steak so the flavor sinks in


make sure they are underneath the water this whole time (submerged) and cook this on medium or w/e for about an hour or so, and dont let the stuff evaporate, if the level of this water stuff goes down u jsut keep adding more constantly, to keep the flavors marinating into this "steak" stuff

ok once it looks like they might be sorta done they should be nice and cooked but tender, u wanna haave your oven set to like 400 or less maybe like 362 or some shit


then, u just put all these little steak-ass niggas on a metal cookie shit (spray that shit with some pam) and let them get dry up in that oven for about another hour or so maybe 45 minutes or less, just gotta make sure they dont get too damn dry, but so that they are still thoroughly cooked . spray a shit load of pam on there i guess is what u should do.


once these steak shits are done and ur time is up, u refrigerate them until ur ready to: cook it up again on the frying pan for tacos n shit, throw em on the barbeque or whatever, microwave em for ur sandwiches, they are usually good to eat already by this time, but if ur gonna make some fresh food, u best cook them again right before serving them.


and thats how u make some good ass wheat steak

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whatever you decide, just keep at it. the first month or so may be hard, but it does get easier. i'm going on 6+ years without eating red meat. the last couple of months i have tried going pescaterian, but it's been kinda hard. i was/am so used to eating chicken, though i only eat it once in a while. i basically live off of veggie dishes, fish (sashimi and sushi mostly) and fruit. i snack alot on nuts, no homo. I haven't had a soda in years either and only on super special occasions will i eat a processed sugar desserts. usually a piece of fresh fruit will be my dessert, when i have dessert.

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Act like your intestines have a built in refrigerator when you shit out that double quarter pounder with cheese next week.


I'm no expert and definitely don't feel sorry for an exploited bee. But I imagine if you don't chase that bacon wrapped, ground beef filled pizza sandwich coca cola dipping sauce with some chlorophyll then you're more than likely gonna die on the shitter with one hand on your dick and the other holding a hustler.


Act hard.

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Been doin the pescatarian thing for about 6 months and finally working out/taking care of myself and feel better than ever. Wish i would have done all this years ago.

Dating a few girls/whores that were vegetarian and watching Food Inc can definitely changed my ways haha.

PS almond milk is the shit.

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Just dont turn it into a eating disorder, brought on by a rebellion towards all things unhealthy or “dangerous” -- is called Orthorexia Nervosa. People with this modern disorder are morbidly obsessed with eating healthy foods. So much so that they refuse to eat foods that contain essential nutrients their bodies need to survive. Items like red meat, for example, which contain vital proteins.


And it doesn’t stop there. People with Orthorexia Nervosa tend to fear eating outside of their own homes, for fear that someone may, say, spit in their food, or mishandle their meal, or undercook their order. They have such a fundamental lack of faith in the person preparing their foods that they’d rather do it themselves. This behavior tends to cut a sufferer off from social functions with friends, family and co-workers.

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Been doin the pescatarian thing for about 6 months and finally working out/taking care of myself and feel better than ever. Wish i would have done all this years ago.

Dating a few girls/whores that were vegetarian and watching Food Inc can definitely changed my ways haha.

PS almond milk is the shit.



I too officially changed up the old eating habits after said movie.

Mainly, i quit fast food all together and shop for only the finest meats

possible. Get all the veggies and such from local farmers whenever i can.

started on the sushi tip even though i've hated it for years. and. well.

i feel better but i started drinking again and it's fucking up my flow.

time to cut that shit out again.

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I don't see why you should want to or feel you have to "Go vegetarian" or "Go vegan". There are no rules, you don't have to draw a line in the sand and stay on one side of it forever. Just eat what you want to eat. If you want to eat less meat, just eat less meat. No need to cut it out all together.

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