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Something to laugh at: How the internet beat up an 11 year old girl

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Meet Jessi Slaughter (she's gonna pop a glock in your mouth)




4chan turned Jesse (and her dad) into this




Now little Jessi is under police protection and the courts have ordered her banned from internets.






Earlier this week, a funny video went viral of 11-year-old Jessi Slaughter (AKA Kerligirl13) crying while her dad yelled at the people trolling her on the Internet. It's not so funny now that she's been placed under police protection


More than 1.7 million people have seen the foul-mouthed Floridan's breakdown and laughed at her dad's luddite rage. But the video, "You Dun Goofed Up," wasn't the only thing to go viral: Jessi Slaughter's real name, address and phone number was distributed widely on the Internet via Internet pranksters 4chan, Tumblr and other online backchannels. Jessi's mother, Dianne Leonhardt, tells us they've received a slew harassing phone calls since the video went viral Thursday.

Some of those phone calls have been death threats, and the local sheriff's department has launched a criminal investigation into the video. Jessi was placed under police protection and brought to a safe house soon after it went viral, Leonhardt says. She came home today, but she's not online: A court order has barred her from using the Internet for at least three days.

So far, things haven't escalated past phone calls and online vandalism of Jessi's social-networking accounts. But Leonhardt says the family's life has been completely upended by a stream of prank calls." I've had people calling, impersonating themselves as cops, as child protection services," she says. Though Leonhardt says Child Protection Services is in fact involved in the case. "Something we never wanted!" Leonhardt's husband shouted from somewhere in the room when she told us this over the phone.

Leonhardt says the family is under "24/7 police surveillance" but still doesn't feel safe knowing that anyone on the Internet could have their home address. "We've had may, many death threats," she says. "We're afraid to leave the house. We're afraid to go to bed. We're sleeping in shifts, my husband and I am." Above all, Leonhardt says, "I wan't my life back. I want my daughter's life back."

Pre-teen or not, Jessi isn't an entirely passive player in this. The freakout in "You Dun Goofed" was over harassment sparked by one of Jessi's earlier videos that had also gone viral, to a lesser extent: An astonishingly profane rant in which Jessi tells Internet haters to "suck my non-existent penis" and "Get AIDS and die" and hurls epithets no 11-year-old should know.

What does her mother think of it?

"I haven't seen it," she says. "I don't even go on the computer."

(The Leonhardt's local sheriff's department couldn't be reached for comment.)

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hahahahhahaa that little zombie lookin' bitch said



"Don't try and make smart comments at me because I got like a shitload of comebacks"------



lmfaoooooo----------fuck outta here

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Man, considering the internet wasn't around when I was 11, I'm guessing this is the equivalent to the shitty kid who did some dumb shit at school and got their parents to try and correct it only furthering the ridiculousness of the situation X a million.

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I watched the first video. Okay. But when the second video dropped and her dad started bugging out I fucking lost it and sprayed orange juice all over my keyboard.


4Chan is such a fucking cesspool, but every once in a great while I am a fan of their work.

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Wow. That video of her father is hilarious. I'm dying over here. I love how this 11 year old gets on cam trying to pop cleavage. And whats with the low cut shirt and bra showing? That's just wrong and her parent's were in the fucking room with her for that video. God bless white trash.


I'd also like to nominate this girl for: MOST LIKELY TO BE VAJ IN 20 YEARS.

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CASEK --Just curious. Do you know how to "backtrace" something?



No such thing. I can track, I can hack, I can drink a gallon of milk in one day, but I cannot "backtrace". This is CSI Miami language.








I do not approve.




Also: Did you guys catch her saying that she "can fuck 'til her pussy bleeds"?

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