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road trip music...??


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Should I close this, or let people discuss what they like for road trip music?


I dunno if I can suggest anything that

you would prefer pft, but this is my fancy:


I like to listen to lightnin Hopkins on road trips.

Makes me feel like I am living American.

I get complaints about it.

Makes people want to fall asleep and all that.

I just light another cigarette and think

twenty more minutes to go. That equals

about 5 more amazing hopkins songs.



Other embarrassing stuff I like to listen to

while driving long distances is Dragon Force.

I feel like I am going out to war with a goat head

on my antenna. It's a pretty comforting feeling.


Listening to Tom waits, david sedaris, david foster wallace too, '

Storytelling makes me feel like I am not stuck behind

a wheel and have foot sleepers


I am going on a road trip pretty soon and I think I'll be real nerd about

it and make a themed playlist.

Theme is time travel/Music that reminds me of certain times in my life.


Little kid.

Or smashing pumpkins 1979.


Maybe even things I didn’t really like that much

but remember going on.


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