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2 hours ago, CHANTICLEER said:

Chelsey Lanette's index finger is the same length as her ring finger making her cisgender femaie(biologically female).

If her ring finger was longer than the index finger she would be trans. but no!


Tamara DeBlasio's niece from Australia.  Please, please, please, impregnate her. if you're WHITE!

Ms. DeBlasio was my neighbor at one point in time.




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Why is it everytime chanticleer posts something rather its illustrations or text, it all seems to make no sense as if it should belong in the nonsense thread.  IDK 🤷‍♂️ ,  but I don't speak, read or write Korean.  Not sure why you posted that video.  Whatever. Anyhow... hope y'all are having a great day for a Monday. 

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12 minutes ago, CHANTICLEER said:

okay. let me explain.  biologically, if someone has a longer ring finger that signifies testosterone making them male.  compared to index finger.

look at your own hands and tell me that's not true.  female hands, the index finger is the same length as the ring finger.  slightly longer.


this is simple biology folks, nothing crazy.



Index finger longer than ring finger, @CHANTICLEER confirmed a lady

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15 hours ago, CHANTICLEER said:

when you implied incest about someone younger than me by saying, "Crank you beef" - that was CLINICALLY INSANE.

plus all the pornographic stuff which didn't exist on here back in 2005 just blew up!  You don't think that's fucking insane young blood?


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2 hours ago, bryanonweb said:

From what I learned in medical school, concerning the anatomy of male/female fingers.  That is correct what Chanticleer said.

Okay, Chanticleer….sure thing dude….whatever you say……must be legit.

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6 minutes ago, Craig.323 said:

first of all that's Josh's wife.  Josh Fulcher is my cousin, why repost that?  You trying to provoke something.


I'm not WHITE.

Josh has sex with men on his lunch breaks in the viewing rooms at porn shops

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