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On 5/19/2020 at 6:59 PM, Hua Guofang said:

Tara Reade Wants Joe Biden To Drop Out Of 2020 Race

Honestly, she looks like she'd suck the balls right out of your cock hole, then hit up the drive through later on her card. Not a bad date, maybe a little too thick for me, but I couldn't diss anyone for smashing.

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Unsee what?     She looks normal to me.

Yeah, she sent me a DM complaining about you and your attempt.

I don't know if I could be with a girl that didn't have both hands to spread her ass cheeks herself for me. I mean, that could be extra work for me and I... JK no hesitation or condom.    

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They both appear like people with strong opinions they're willing to share with anyone who doesn't give a fuck to hear them talk.


Trash that Amy Schumer at the start of her meth career Boris posted.  Looks like she eats dicks and cigarettes, wore off her eyebrows from too many nuts to the face.

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On 6/9/2020 at 7:58 PM, NightmareOnElmStreet said:


Fucking christ, I actually encountered this once. Met the chick at a bar. She was friends with my coworker/buddy. We hit it off, next thing you know it's after 2 and time to bounce, then we're making out on the street. Next thing you know we're making out in the cab back to my crib. Then we're in the crib and I'm about to give shorty the pounding of her life, then the pants come off. Uuuuuggggg.... I just bit the bullet and strapped up and gave her as quick and effortless business as I could to squeeze out a nut then pretended to fall asleep till I did. I swear shorty was gonna get the pounding of her life before she had to go and ruin it with them hippy legs. Shit, she might've even had the armpits to match. (facepalm)

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