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And to my dog Sampson, I love you too

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so iv never been in here before.




but iv never really read anything other than a thread about arizona iced tea being banned mexico and the subsequent influx in diamondbacks becoming purple raisins singing with ray charles sunglasses and not paying for packaging.


but ill tell you this, and mark my words when i say it. i will one day be enjoying a klondike bar seeing more white than this box im typing into appears to be. and when i do believe the rapper known as polar the bear will be discarded quicker than coffee cup bigmac boxes in amidst a lanny mcdonald mustache in a canadian city that showed all its worth while kd lang sang its closing credits in 88.


sea for me, the abyss was a great movie. tho i only recall its kover. go figure.


as i stare top right im reminded iv got a ways to go until dead calms tide sets in and the whales larger than most are able to wade in the pedestrian controlled shores of pauly and the rediculousness of a circus untamed by biologicality and the golf balls lodged into its wooden 800 square foot confines.


if a fire needs air to breath, yet drowns in lakes. why would a plant so tamed and calm need to be done on four wheels in a swimming pool.


so in closing. i guess what im really getting at is, why would one overly concern themselves with concern if one cannot properly understand the multi colored often tangled cube of life in which we cannot touch, move, maneuver or adjust. could the answer to the question evolve into just another question, probably. but does that mean we need to stop questioning the answers? absolutely not.


as you were soldiers, someones gotta do it because if not. wed be living sundays on a tuesday and accepting petroleum to be irreplacable and oceanlife re... placeable.


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