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What runs in your city?


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So I've traveled the states extensively and been out of the country a few times. In my travels I have noticed that different things run in different places and that certain things are a guaranteed quick buff in other places. So my question to 12oz is what runs in your city and what gets buffed quick.

I'm just curious since last night I ended up in a new town my boy lives in and when he passed out I went out only to see a bunch of my stuff being buffed first thing in the morning as we were driving out of town and him laughing telling me of course those get buffed quick.

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I don't see why different cities would have different policies in graffiti removal. Other than if they don't have the budget to clean shit right up, or whatever.

And, I've also seen shit run in 'high traffic' areas surprisingly long around here, and I've also seen my throws get buffed from the most discreet places instantly. Plus I could see how cleaning companies would also want to make a buck by letting other shit run, and buffing some easy-to-clean shit asap.


I don't know why'd you care all that much about this. Eventually your shit will get buffed, just means you gotta get up more if you want your shit to stay up.

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I don't know why'd you care all that much about this. Eventually your shit will get buffed, just means you gotta get up more if you want your shit to stay up.


Think about it this way if you are going to a new city and only have a few days to paint wouldn't you rather focus your attention on spots that ride longer then other spots? Some cities don't let anything on light rail tracks (IE: Minneapolis I would walk past them buffing me right around the time the first train ran) While others do (IE: NYC)

Also look at places like chicago where the buff is heavy on streetsides but rooftops rock for a while.


The nearest big city I live near is San Francisco, and from what I see transit insiders run for a while. also on the streets too. I guess you could say the legals run the longest, as long as they aren't dissed :lol:

Yeah well SF is one of the few places where everything seems to run and they just can't buff quick enough.

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tags and throws get buffed quick here but pieces tend to run for a while.we got a couple from the early ninties still sticking around.i live in a pretty small city so most of the scene is either A. toys and B. freight writers.because thats all there is here.freights.thats why i try my best to keep the yard clean so to speak.sad that im moving soon :( no more freights to bench.

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The one thing that seems to get buffed here is vacant lots with lots of pieces. Not throws or tags, actual full color quality work....I try to get shots of these as soon as I see them, because there's no telling how long they'll last.


Besides that, EVERYTHING runs in Oakland these days. Nobody has money to buff anything.

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