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Re: Oh hey dow what are you doing???   How big was her dick?

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Hobo with a shotgun is the illest action movie in a long time, Ricky from TPB getting his head pulled off in the first five minutes



"you gave me the shittiest Christmas presents"

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hobo was pretty fucking rad.


jugz. naaaaaaH! forreal? a free ticket?


rush. post up.




on another note. heres a lil update on the 44 yr old ballin mother of three.\

no solid plans as of yet. but she did ask for the numbers last firday. at which point

i took the opportunity to hit her off with my first and freshly pressed bizzness cahd.

she smiled. and asked if i had a website. i said "naa, but you could help out with that,

right?" she smiled some more. it's only a matter of time. but theres a month and a half left.

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So some lady moved across the way from the stripper , I was talking to her and she was Like "someone was banging on her door the other night, screaming "I want the money for the god damn oxycontin!""

I love the dramatics that occurs in this place, screaming dealers, repeated car break ins, beefing live in maintenance men, pill addicted Russians; keep the attention off this quiet white dude, please, I love it.

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so I got to the bbq at my boys house. nbb was there hooking up some ribs like only he knows how. i was starving.



I grabbed me a TecateIMG_8272.jpg

this dude nbb was drinking some 94 proof shit


pot heads had these


After what seemd like an eternity the ribs where brought out the pot and hooked up with that good ol sweet baby rays and thrown on the grill for a few minutes(you niggas prolly use that refular shit)



pot heads




I kept grabbing every different beer there was. also I have decided this is my signature shot since I always find myself taking this kind of pic.



went hipster on they ass




said "fuck it nigga gimme some of that 94 proof shit" (in a raider glass of course)



This nigga nbb gets down with the food game for real though. props nigga.


nigga aint scared to get his hands dirty


dog licking beer off the carpet


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just found out that a chick i work with gets HELLA pain pills for her fibromyalgia (sp?). my new best friend


poz, if you're reading this, its the chick who's boyfriend we were making fun of. i wanna cum inside her hella bad.




i still feel bad for laughing in her face when you made the banksy comment... unintentional cockblock... SRRY BRAH

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