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this can't be on the second page so i'll tell a story that happened last night. so i cook for a living and i'm really good at what i do. sometimes i like to exploit these talents in acquiring vagina. it works all the time. last night im over at my homies girls place and we're all chillin when her co-worker comes over solid 8 out of ten maybe a 9. i had planned on cooking already so i made seared scallops with pan roasted baby red potatoes, fresh english peas, shimeji mushrooms and wild ramps and a carmalized onion and bacon vinaigrette. it went over well. we continue drinking and all that then homie and his girl crash out and this chick gets down to her panties no bra talking about you want to build a fort? Sure I'm game knowing full well what is going on little time goes by before shes full on deep throating my dick in the living room then my homie comes walking out looks down at me and her on the floor while she's going to town not even noticing and i gave him the thumbs up. he nodded and went back to his room. i then proceeded to fuck the shit out of her till my dick went soft. after that we went into the kids's room (they werent there of course) and passed out butt ass naked on the top bunk. woke up this morning and hit it again real quick to make sure it was as good as i thought it was.....it was. i'ma hit her up for some pictures i know shes got hella on her phone i was looking at em last night right before i smashed. anyway yeahs just wanted to get this shit back to page one.....bump

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How did i mispell that? crazy...


hey so pizz just put this on me. but for those of you not on my facebook or who didn't catch it. My boy got in a car accident and is partially paralyzed. every day he's improving though and he hasn't even had his surgery to remove his crushed disk. The doctor at first told him he would be a paraplegic and have to breath through a tube. Then he moved his left arm and the doctor said he wouldn't be able to walk.


today he was able to move both legs and knees. Basically he's so bsm that being a veg just isn't an option for him. He has surgery tomorrow...


If anyone wants to do some GUEY pieces i'll print them out and post them up in his room. He's stoked that everyone we know has been drawing so much and keeping his vibes positive so i figured i'd throw it in here for anyone who wants to get in on it.





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