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Re: Oh hey dow what are you doing???   How big was her dick?

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how is that NOT gay?


it woulda been gay if i had a boner while it was happening


but since i was laughing so hard i was almost in tears and i was talking to timmy on the phone, giving him the play-by-play, it wasnt gay - it was simply hilarious

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Dow, I miss hanging out with you even though it almost wrecked my life.


I just got back from a party at an abandoned ice rink. My friends built a fire in the middle of the rink with toilet paper, business records, and hockey sticks so someone could climb up into the rafters over the rink (30' up or so) and do trapeze tricks. Then the rafter guy hung a rope from the main beam and people were using it to swing through the fire. I would have stayed longer but the fumes started getting to me...and on the way out I noticed smoke billowing out the front door. I hope they don't go to jail, but whatever.


While poking around I found a nice power strip, a bunch of Ghiradelli chocolate that I'm currently snacking on while I type this, and a crack pipe. I would have pushed the pipe but I didn't have any Chore Boy handy. Then I caught a tag and punched out a window, just because.

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nbb, i hope youre flattered that i had a guy call out your name to me while he was jacking off to me via web cam.




ps i have to repeat that dude slapped and punched his own balls and put a dildo in his mouth that was previously in his asshole.



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shai, miss ya broseph. hope all is well in the hood!!


We just lost our court case so the house is kind of in a weird spot. I'm doing all right, though. Looking for somewhere else to kick it is kind of stressful but it's just life. I have a few things lined up, now I just gotta pack and put everything into storage...at least the timing is all right, I was gonna go travel soon. I'd hop a train to come see you but you had to pick the one state where that's not an option.


Me and spectr have been hanging out a lot, or we were till he disappeared into the wilds of Santa Cruz. I just heard he's back in town so I'm probably gonna holler at him tomorrow.


When are you coming out to the mainland? According to everyone I know from Hawaii it's only a matter of time before the rock fever sets in.

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pps i have a brief story that timmy asked me to share on here, took place a couple days ago.


i signed up to attend culinary school in the fall. the other day, on the bus, heading home from the school, there was a fella riding that was wearing a chefs outfit, an apparent student at the culinary school. i wanted to ask him some questions about the program, but he had headphones on, so i didnt bother him.


the next day im walking to the library and i hear "HEY MAN". i turn around and its the headphones dude. he introduces himself and asks what im studying at the school. we chit chat about food for a second and he tells me that he has a culinary book from his first year at his house, which is only a couple blocks away, and i can borrow it if i want.


dude is kinda fem and had a limp handshake, so im suspicious that he is teh gay, so i mention that i moved to the island with my girlfriend, just hopng to avoid any potential awkward moment. i did think it was suspect that a girly acting dude is inviting me to his house, immediately after meeting me, but i say "fuck it" (/nh). i figure worse come to worse, ill get to borrow an expensive book and have to remind this dude that im not into fucking dudes.


so we get to his house and he brings out the book from his bedroom. big hardback book about the restaurant industry. rad.


then dude asks me if i have any tattoos on my chest.


fuuuuccckkkk. dude is totally trying to get me to take my shirt off. god damnit. i tell him i have a couple, but i gotta head back to the library, and thank him for loaning me the book. he walks me over to the library, which wasnt a big deal cause i was kinda lost anyways.


so outside the library, i ask him if he can score any weed. he gives me the run around and asks me "is there anything else you need?". i think hes talking about hard drugs, so i tell him "nah, just fuck with the weed". he looks at the ground and says "well if you ever need.....a blowjob...."




i chuckle a bit and tell dude no thanks, i have a gf and am not into dudes.


dude gets all nervous and starts teling me "im just....joking....you know.....i like to ask guys i meet that....just to mess with them...."


i tell him its not a big deal, im not gonna punch him or anything, it just aint my thing. he then tells me he has a lot of straight friends that let him blow them.




i am now annoyed with dude, so i walk away.


but the book is really fucking good and im glad i scored it.

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shai, i know im going to vegas in oct for a buddies wedding. other than that, i dunno. ill be here for at least 2 years, to knock out school.


Will that include a stop in Oakland? If so, let me know. I'll be around.


I know you're not into race music but this should have been the soundtrack when we were hanging out-




And this is just funny-


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right? swamp, when dude offered to blow me, i literally thought of you (/nh). i thought "this dude is going to end up asking the wrong guy and getting his ass beat".


getting beat up outside a library for asking a guy if u can suck his dick....not a way to start the day

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