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Last I checked noes and forsit were both light skinned skate boarders who hang out with a bunch of white dudes and do graffiti...


Sound like white guys to me.


close. but not quite. depends on where i'm at usually.


if i'm with the usual homies from back home. i'm typically

one of three minorities at any given time. the rest are full

blooded honky. but in that same night i'll usually split over

the bridge to a bar with cousins and co who are a bunch of

big black/hispanic mother fuckers with guns. thats back home

though. here in boston i have a steady mix up of pals almost

never adding up to a bunch of white dudes.



on another note. i want to pig mask this broads stink hole all day.


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this just showed up in my news feed. Thought it was funny.


"ashlea im showin weakness but your the onlyone that can cheer me up rite now please read my whole leader and come over watch a movie and jus talk we can sit in front of the fireplace i dont kno if you take xanax and more but i got some u can take with me if you come help i need one bad but im tryin to to take them call me asap 520-4141"


Ay, what's the area code. I'll holler at dude and sit by the fireplace for free xanax.

Put me on.



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