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Today I compared a girl who likes anal to a charazard (sp*) poke'mon card. Apparently, though, they aren't that rare anymore? Second time this week I heard someone saying they bang a chick who is into anal.

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i've met a handful of extremley attractive, well kept broads that are

that are direct and outspoken enough to claim they do in fact "enjoy" anal.




and forsit. extra hangage is extra. but from the looks of it. it probably wouldn't stop

me from droppin it in on her. tan white gurl? or exotic ethnicity?


spicy! yep. blow that shit up though...thumbnail ass nigga.

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DENNIS method of seduction

always sunny in philly


D-Demonstrate value- The man shows a woman that he is a great, loving caring and compassionate guy


E- Engage Physically - The man gives the woman an awesome sexually experience. Most will agree that women are more likely to become emotionally attached to a man in which she has had a positive sexual experience


N - Nurture Dependence - The man makes the women depend on him for something either through natural or artificial means. He becomes the protector, the handy man… etc


N - Neglect Emotionally - The man disappears or becomes distant without reason, explanation nor warning


I - Inspire Hope - The man apologizes for his actions, reveals his vulnerability and promises to change for the better.


S - Separate Entirely - The man leaves the situation completely only retiring to re-manipulate his victim.

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classic! ^^


ps meaty puss is good puss. i like it to look like somebody stuffed a couple m80s inside their snatch and blew them up.


but i def also have love for the no lip at all, the "tuck" aka "tucker carlson" aka "the razor slit"

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