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sounds pretty lame man. i dj'd a loft party, drank an awesome amount of stoli soda and a bottle of moe. ate a bunch of ativan and apparently pissed off some homies. ended up at an old friends new ocean front property hungover as fuck. my car was outside so i must have driven. (shdooops) which is retahded because i vaguely remember shouting out into the microphone that triple A was giving out some special free tow and taxies for anybody too fucked up to drive home. incredible. those pills are a doozie. BSM.



happy fucking new year.

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I was home by 12:45 haha. Got wayyyy too fucked up, way too fast, one a roll that was making it hard for me to see straight.


Then the ex hit me up, I got all emo feeling, went for a drive, then just came home and watched TV til like 7. It sounds like it was a shitty night, and it probably should of been, but I had a pretty good time while I was actually out

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i had a naked girl passed out on my couch while playing playstation eyepet and it took pics of her in the background with Lil Trilliam jumping all over her for every level i beat. i took a cab to burger king at 11 but didnt even go anywher3e but burger king and shit. was ok, new years is amateur night anyway and I like to continue my reputation of possibly having died , its always fun when now i havnt seen someone for 6 months or greater and they are all like "I heard you fell off a cliff and died on the operating table or something"


being a ghost is awesoem. HAUNTING FOOLS IN 2012 BSM STYLE

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