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wasnt prostitution legal in RI up until the last few years?


Up until a few months ago, yeah.






I've been at the bar since 5, and am already pretty drunk. I did shot of some shit called red Stag and it was fucking horrific, so I sent one over to my high school gym teacher who was eating with his wife ha. Now I'm home to shower/do some drugs, then out to the regular bar

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We use to mercelessly throw burns at this dude in "health" class, why they thought this guy could even handle that, but he was short and squat, real napolean complex ass nigga who worked out tryin to build up calf mass. We use to call him "super mario" because he was "shorter than the other brother" and he couldn't take it. Even.tually he got fired bc he got all frustrated with the girls clowning him from behind the locker room door, so he all bust in like "who said that?!?" And got his own ass fired.

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I always got along with my gym teachers, I guess because I really liked gym ha. I did go after a substitute once after he tried to break up a fight with me and another kid, but I don't count that.


There was one gym teacher who apparently hated me though. I always thought we were cool, with a funny back and forth banter, but I was fucking a girl that still went there a year or two after I graduated and apparently he described me to her as "Such a fucking asshole. I tried to be so nice to him, fuck that kid" haha.


While I was fucking that same girl me and Manute (who didn't even go to my high school) went to December Madness (the kick off thing for the basketball season) at the school, so drunk we could barely see straight. The lady taking tickets at the door was my old English teacher, and when I gave her a hug she said "You smell fun" hahaha

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oh this brought back some good memories


there was this "special" kid at our school and it was always so good to smash him will a ball during the game .. id always think .. like damn this aint right .. but kid would be all for it and shit in the game screaming like he was a gladiator so i figured he was fair game. :rolleyes:

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actually .. i got a history of that.


there was this church in my hood that me an my friends would skate at. we were young like 15-16...we would get thrown out cops called on us all the damn time almost weekly they hated us.. after awhile we found out that they would have a "youth group" event every week and there was .. free pizza and dodge ball ... they invited us hoping they would get us to stop skating their church and fucking up everything. (biggest mistake they ever made) .. so we show up and had to sit threw like a 30 min lecture and all this bullshit about god. we kept it together because we knew after ..dodge ball and free fucking pizza.


it was team skate kids vs team church kids .. there team consisted of

the albino kid

the korean twin brothers

fat girl

church girl

cheese teeth white trash family

and of course ... the retard.


for about 5 or 6 weeks every wends night we would go to eat pizza and just to peg balls at the retard & crew... we won every game.


then we stopped going one day .. and they would send us cards in the mail asking us to come back cause they missed us ... i even got a christmas card one time.. we never skated that place again.

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