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EON 352

Vuvuzela: 12oz Triad Convergance Code Red

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The horridness, ear piercing, gut wrenching, and the down most annoying ever created, buy any single human history, and what the upmost server form of Schizophrenia must sound like. The Vuvuzela has plagued our planet for over 2 weeks. When people ask about 2010, fifty years from now. All we will be able to say is "BzzzZZZBBBZzzzzZZZBBBBBBBZZzzzZZZ" for a total of 5 minutes, non stop. We must end this horrible crisis. Fuck Obama, he don't give a shit about this, shit. Fuck Palin, I mean that one literally.


But back to the crisis at hand, this must the most creative, and original attack against the world from one country. This making me lose my fucking mind.









This rant is brought to you by: Hash 'Making retarded philosophers and moronic leader like speeches since year 60,000 BC."






And of course. Mammary Glands.



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As a by-product of this same view, I received a telephone call one day at the graduate college at Princeton from Professor Wheeler, in which he said, "Feynman, I know why all electrons have the same charge and the same mass" "Why?" "Because, they are all the same electron!" And, then he explained on the telephone, "suppose that the world lines which we were ordinarily considering before in time and space—instead of only going up in time were a tremendous knot, and then, when we cut through the knot, by the plane corresponding to a fixed time, we would see many, many world lines and that would represent many electrons, except for one thing. If in one section this is an ordinary electron world line, in the section in which it reversed itself and is coming back from the future we have the wrong sign to the proper time—to the proper four velocities—and that's equivalent to changing the sign of the charge, and, therefore, that part of a path would act like a positron." "But, Professor", I said, "there aren't as many positrons as electrons." "Well, maybe they are hidden in the protons or something", he said.

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Fuck Palin, I mean that one literally.


what do you mean this thread sucks? this bit was funny right?

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a troll that recently posts "BzzzzzzzZZZZZZzzzzzZZZZZZzzzzz!!!" all the time on this forum since the world cup got so much coverage.


Hilarious troll is hilarious

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